Using Pixton and GoAnimate! Apps to Teach Digital Citizenship

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March 8th, 2013

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Kim Reynolds is a CTE instructor with the ACYR Center of Excellence.

Storing Content to Keep Consistency

Edmodo provides consistency in teaching subjects from year to year. We don’t have have books for my classes, so everything is teacher created or scavenged off the internet. As a result, things “disappear,” including saved documents.

The solution was to save and organize my documents in my Edmodo Library. I am finding that my classes are MUCH more consistent and I don’t lose documents.

Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

Edmodo makes it easier to make the lessons I’m teaching more relevant to the real world. It enables students to go and capture pieces of the world and bring it into to the classroom or create new culture as evidence that they are learning.

In Digital Citizenship my students engage with Pixton and GoAnimate! apps to create cautionary tales or public service announcements for assigned Digital Citizenship topics (i.e. sexting, cyberbullying, online predators, copyright infringement, etc). The apps offer a lot of room for creativity and learning, students enjoy the activities and their final projects allow me to see if they really understand the lessons.

Prior to creating their PSA’s, students are also required to search the Internet for current news stories related to Digital Citizenship topics and share the article with the class by posting the link in Edmodo along with a one paragraph summary.

Afterwards, they must read and comment on at least two articles posted by their classmates. The comments have to be meaningful, relevant, and use proper grammar. I am trying to foster a new generation of thoughtful and literate internet commentators!

My Favorite Edmodo Apps

  • Sokikom Class Management – My high school students love this app. They enjoying styling their avatars and some of my chronically tardy students started showing up early to get the “early bird bucks!”
  • GoAnimate! – Provides students with opportunities to be very creative with their projects. Students who may not do well on traditional tests and written assignments excel using this tool.

My Advice to Teachers Getting  Started With Edmodo

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up! It is worth the effort to implement Edmodo and Edmodo Apps into your class as much as possible.

Start with one area you want to focus on: homework, make-up work or a place to share additional resources. You can also start with just one class. That is how I started using it. After one quarter, I was hooked!

2 responses to “Using Pixton and GoAnimate! Apps to Teach Digital Citizenship”

  1. Debbie Bohanan says:

    Great ideas and suggestions!

  2. Sarah P. says:

    This assignment looks fantastic and speaks directly to differentiated instruction. I am wondering if you would be willing to shar the assignment instrucitons and rubric somewhere on Edmodo or via email? Also, the links to GoAnimate! and Sokikom aren’t working for me – is there something specific I have to do to gain access to these tools?

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