Making Connections and Building Your PLN [Video]

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March 13th, 2013

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Building a personal learning network (PLN) is a great way to exchange ideas, share resources, collaborate and get inspired. Teacher connections can be made with various web tools like Edmodo and Twitter, but did you know you can easily create a PLN within your district through Edmodo?

The following video shows how Edmodo can bring teachers together from across schools and districts. The dots that appear represent teachers creating an Edmodo account. The lines represent when a teacher connects with another teacher on Edmodo.

Watch what happens to the dots when the district claims their Edmodo subdomain!

Note: The district represented in the video is Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina. The district has 5,500 teachers on Edmodo!

If you’re interested in bringing teachers together at your school or district, claim your subdomain today.


2 responses to “Making Connections and Building Your PLN [Video]”

  1. Samuel says:

    I would like to be able to attach new PDF documents to old posts. For example, I sometimes assign a homework and I link a PDF of the (incomplete) class notes to the assignment. The next day I continue the class notes but I cannot attach them to a post I’ve already posted.

  2. Jon says:


    What about storing the notes in your library, then replace the old file with the updated version of the same file name? Could also share from a google drive.

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