Edmodo for Digital Citizenship, Support, & Professional Development

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March 18th, 2013

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This is a guest post by Monique Dalli, a TAS teacher at Gilroy Catholic College, Castle Hill, Australia. If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

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Teaching is complex. I teach five classes (186 students) that work from four different syllabi. Presently, my students are working on seven assessment tasks which are being completed during class and at home. I haven’t had a night off schoolwork in three weeks, I work hard and love it.

Edmodo helps me to streamline classes, content, submissions, and progress. It also promotes a safe online forum for learning. Here are 3 ways it has helped me simplify and enhance other areas of teaching and school life:

Edmodo for Digital Cizenship

The Edmodo Digital Citizenship Community houses course materials and information on how to run a digital citizenship course via Edmodo. At our school, teachers found the lesson plans easy to follow and the content appropriate for high school students age level and experience.

We need to stop thinking that students know how to be responsible digital citizens, and teach them expectations and skills, these resources really do help, but using Edmodo in your classroom is also a means of continually reinforcing and modeling positive digital behaviours.

Edmodo for Technical Support

This year we have made the shift from 1:1 laptops to iPads in year 7. This has meant an additional 205 student devices and 80 staff devices on site that require a different technical framework and additional training.

We created an Edmodo Group specifically for students called “Year 7 technical Support”. If a students needs help, he/she can post technical issues and questions for the teacher to see, but more frequently, students are responding to each others questions. This has been encouraged and rewarded with badges. The group has made the iPad roll out process much easier for classroom teachers, with students learning to seek help and troubleshoot their technical problems independently.

Edmodo for Professional Learning

You can find professional learning and support on Twitter, but the Edmodo-specific PLNs filter relevant content and draw a whole different group of expert professional educators. These groups are a great way to seek material and resources (easily accessed via the library) as well as meet like-minded educators.

My favorite group is OZ-EDMODO, a group aimed at Australian teachers, managed into subject areas using the small groups facility . It’s founder Viviene Tuckerman uses the RSS feed to draw from relevant blogs of it’s members, so group members get collaboration and interaction in one place as well as relevant reading material.

With all the available technologies and webased resources available for educators and the complexities of our roles, it’s great that Edmodo is dynamic and flexible enough to cater for this.


2 responses to “Edmodo for Digital Citizenship, Support, & Professional Development”

  1. Al Cass says:

    The idea of a support group for techie problems is great. We have some great student digital leaders who operate at lunchtime from a room called the iPad (!) but having it through Edmodo would be a great addition.
    Great post, Monique. Thanks!

  2. Al Cass says:

    Oh, no! Three ‘greats’ in one short comment. It’s been a long day! The sentiments are no less sincere for this, though.

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