Edmodo Features: Updated Teacher and Student Profiles

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April 11th, 2013

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We’ve given teacher and student profiles a new look! It’s now easier to navigate profile pages and share more information about yourself with your students and teacher connections.

Teacher Profiles

Your teacher profile page acts like a portfolio where you can highlight your interests, accomplishments, and more. The section at the top remains the same, housing your profile picture, school, grade level, and key Edmodo stats including number of students, teacher connections, library items and sharing score.

All other information within the teacher profile has been reorganized into three tabs:

  1. Profile Overview  – See Teacher Badges you’ve earned, your Collections (student badges and favorites), and keep your About Me section up-to-date.

  2. Communities – Get easy access to all the communities you follow, as well as a link that takes you to the full list of subject area and publisher communities.

  3. Connections – See all your teacher connections and easily invite teachers to Edmodo by using the “Invite Other Teachers” link.

Student Profiles

Student profiles have also been updated with the top section displaying the student’s profile picture, school, and Edmodo stats including number of posts/replies, groups and badges earned.

Additional information is broken out into five tabs:

  1. Profile Overview – Includes a list of all the badges earned and specific student interests

  2. Progress – Displays grades and badges for each group

  3. Activity – Highlights all posts, replies, and login activity of the student

  4. Teachers

  5. Classmates

To learn more about teacher and student profiles and other product updates, visit the “What’s New” section of our Help Center.

2 responses to “Edmodo Features: Updated Teacher and Student Profiles”

  1. M1nty1 says:

    Can students get badges?

  2. Mscarbone says:

    Great news on new look. Any updates as far as function?

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