Going Paperless with Edmodo

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April 30th, 2013

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This is a guest post from Melissa Butler, a 6th grade Language Arts teacher from South Orange, New Jersey.  If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

Edmodo can transform the traditional chalkboard and a “turn-in-basket-classroom” into a digital, paperless atmosphere.

Making the Decision to go Paperless

I currently teach 6th-grade Language Arts in a new 1:1 learning environment in South Orange, NJ. At first, I believed setting a goal of going paperless for the 2013-14 school year was completely impracticable. However, January 2013 came and I began to ask myself, “Why are you still standing in front of the copy machine? Why are you making hundreds of copies each day, and having your students hand in paper after paper, when every one of your students has access to a provided laptop computer every day?”

That day, I  officially pledged to become a 100% paperless classroom educator.

Our 1:1 Environment

Walking into my classroom is anything but the ordinary at my school. A laptop is present at every desktop, with a charging station available at the front of the classroom. My students have access to the provided technology 185 school days a year. This didn’t happen overnight, obtaining this technology was only part of my trials and triumph. Implementing this technology and not allowing the excuse of “I can’t get used to using the tech in new ways” was the other hurdle I had to overcome. I knew that if I didn’t adapt to the new technology, the computers would just become another accessory to my classroom.

Creating a Paperless “Edu-vironment” with Edmodo

At present, there are many schools that have endless amounts of 1:1 learning environments, but is the available technology being used at the level deemed necessary to achieve the “anywhere, anytime learning?” Edmodo is your go- to website which converts your classroom instantaneously to a paperless “edu-vironment.”

Edmodo provides a plethora of opportunities. Students can turn in assignments; link their Google Docs account; complete assessments; take polls; share content and applications; and access homework, grades, class discussions and notifications. On top of this advantageous list, teachers can extend their Professional Learning Community by connecting with like-minded professional teachers from all over the world.

Reducing Paper in My Classroom

How does this equate to the reduction of paper in the classroom?

  • Ability to provide instant feedback without the mountain of paperwork and create assignments and assessments within Edmodo
  • With Google Docs integration, students can complete writing assignments within a Google Doc and submit them on Edmodo with annotates
  • Leveraging the library feature, students have the entire curriculum at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime
  • The backback component allows students to save all documents in the Cloud, thus making material binders, papers, and flashdrives obsolete
  • Edmodo automatically generates a parent code, which allows daily teacher-to-parent and student-to-parent communication every day, without paper 

Join my multi-modal Edmodo journey where I have transformed my classroom from the typical ELA “paper” classroom to the atypical “paperless” classroom. Get adapted to Edmodo, where anytime learning, in both the classroom and the flipped classroom, can be accomplished from virtually anywhere.

7 responses to “Going Paperless with Edmodo”

  1. Gloria Yakes says:

    Great post! I use Edmodo extensively, but using Google docs with the kids always creates a bit of a conundrum for me. How do you handle having the kids have an email account at such a young age. I know many children have email accounts nowadays, but some of my kids do not even in 8th grade.

  2. Debbie Newton says:

    Our district has a closed email system with Google. In other words, the students can only send and receive emails from within the district.

  3. Melinda Reed says:

    So inspiring!!!! Thanks for sharing how you are using Edmodo to create a paperless classroom!

  4. Danutė says:

    I agree with Gloria Yakes – Google doesn’t allow young kids to have accounts. If I want them to have accounts, they have to lie about their age (which I believe is a big no-no). So I doubt I will using Google Docs with Edmodo.
    By the way, I absolutely love that when students sign up to Edmodo, they don’t have to have an email address. Young pupils don’t have them and don’t need them anyway.

  5. I love the Edu-vironment….I just wish we had a true 1:1. We have been BYOD for two years and it is a slow move towards progress. I believe it is a change of the mindset of our students, teachers, and parents. If the expectation is that a paperless edu vironment happen, it needs to happen from day one. If it does, everything can change. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Teresa Perles says:

    I agree Edmodo is a great paper-saver. As to the combination with Google Docs for under-13s, I usually get the parents to create an account for their kids. However, if you have Google classroom (GAFE), the school can create them and form a closed virtual environment.

  7. Dennis says:

    Really like the idea of a power station at the front of class

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