Co-Teaching to Meet Common Core Standards

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May 2nd, 2013

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Marsha Burney works in the English Department at East Bladen High School in Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

Staying In Touch with Students

Before Edmodo, if a student had a question at night while they were doing their homework, he/she had to wait until the next day and come by my classroom.  With Edmodo, my students can easily contact me outside regular class hours (and regular school days) if they have questions or need additional assistance. Through a simple Edmodo post, I’m able to answer questions much sooner (my students and I check our Edmodo page several times in the afternoons and evenings!).  This helps my students stay more “in touch” with me.

From “Copy Queen” to Paperless

For years, I have been known as the “Copy Queen” at my school.  As an ELA teacher, I’m always looking for — and finding — poems, essays, short stories, reviews, and other resources that are not in our textbook, but excellent examples I want my students to read and discuss.  Before Edmodo, I would print and then make several copies to hand out to each student.  With Edmodo, I just attach a link to a post or place the materials in a shared folder, and the kids can access it.  In the past 12 weeks, I haven’t made a single copy on the school copier — and that is a miraculous feat for me!

Saving Time With Edmodo Quizzes

I always like to give quizzes as it allows me to make sure students are grasping the material I’m presenting. Edmodo quizzes have saved me time and made my life so much easier!  The feature offers such flexibility, including:

  • Randomized questions and various questioning forms (fill in the blank, multiple choice, etc.)
  • Scheduling quizzes – This allows me to plan in advance but still have the quiz on the day the students finish the material.
  • Quizzes are graded automatically and students get an immediate score. Scoring information is then aggregated for me to see which questions were good ones and which were not.

Now that I have keyed my quizzes into Edmodo, next semester I can simply go back into a quiz and make adjustments for my next batch of students — most of the “work” will be done.  This is wonderful!

Co-Teaching to Meet Common Core Standards

Another English teacher and I (we teach the same courses and same levels) have always shared materials (including vocabulary lists, reading assignments, quizzes and writing assignments).  With both of us on Edmodo, we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to share. However, we set up a class group together and enabled both sets of our students to access it.  I made the other teacher a co-teacher so she has access to all students’ scores, too.  This shared group allows us to plan together and make sure we’re both on track with the new Common Core Standards; through Edmodo, we’re making sure that all students in the same grade/same level are following the same pacing guide.

Advice for Teachers New to Edmodo

Just jump in Edmodo and play with it!  You will be surprised what you can learn and what you can do by just experimenting with its features.  Don’t hesitate and wait for specific instructions.  Forge ahead!

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  1. Tanya Head says:

    Marsha Burney’s classroom is a great example of how technology can be used to support instruction! Way to Go Ms. Burney!

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