Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education

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May 3rd, 2013

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This is a guest post from  Patrick Fogarty, Faculty Advisor of Instructional Technology at Xaverian High School, Brooklyn, New York.  If you are interested in contributing to the Edmodo Blog, please complete this form.

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Mobile devices into the classroom, whether they be laptops, netbooks, or tablets, have quickly shifted from amenity to necessity. At Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, NY, I helped oversee New York City’s first iPad 1:1 integration, a grade 6-12, 1200 person deployment that required additional bandwidth, storage space, charging locations, and much more. As of today, we are one of over two dozen city schools working in iOS 1:1 environments, and we’ve had visitors from across the city and around the world in to see how we run our soon-to-be-paperless school.

Discovering Edmodo

As an Apple Distinguished Educator and conference keynote speaker, I’m often asked about my first recommendation for schools considering one-to-one programs. Step one for our school was choosing a content and/or learning management system that could connect us as an institution while also providing a safe place for individualized interactions via groups and personal messaging. That’s when we found Edmodo, which had a 90% faculty adoption rate before we even had a chance to conduct any workshops or professional development promoting it. It worked so well for such a wide variety of classes that we committed to using it for the next two years. Now, two years later, there hasn’t been any talk of reevaluating our choice. For schools looking to avoid the headache of on-site servers and in search of an intuitive, user-friendly system, Edmodo is the best solution available. Create a district-or school-level Edmodo account and begin connecting your school’s teachers to each other and the rest of the world.

Blueprint for a Successful One-to-One Deployment

With the classroom evolving at such a rapid pace, many educators and administrators are finding it difficult to remain ahead of the curve. For this reason, I wrote the book Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education (available now on iTunes and Amazon) based on my experiences. It provides a blueprint for every stage of a mobile device integration, from an overview of every device class on the market to a cost breakdown for schools and districts of all sizes, to a primer on adapting lessons and digitizing course materials.  

Provide a conduit to the millions of brilliant educators blazing the same trail you are, and take great solace in the collective strength we have to initiate change and to make our students’ lives and futures better.

Download Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education

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    I love edmodos mobile app it realy makes edmodo a better interface for iPads and other Idevices..

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