How I Use Edmodo Over the Summer to Prepare For the New Year

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June 12th, 2013

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Travis Monk is a Biology teacher at Bishop Heelan Catholic High in Sioux City, Iowa. Introduce yourself to Travis or follow him on Twitter at @BiologyMonk

Why I Started Using Edmodo

I was introduced to Edmodo at the beginning of the school year during professional development. At the time, I  had already been utilizing several other online resources and I wasn’t ready to get started with Edmodo. However, at the end of this school year, I realized I needed two things for the summer that the other tools couldn’t provide:

  1. A way to communicate with AP biology students for assigned summer work
  2. Feedback on my first flipped classroom attempts. 

As I looked around and thought about how I could solve these two problems, Edmodo came to mind. 

Preparing Students For the New Year

I plan to use Edmodo daily for all classes next year so at the end of the school year I created groups for all my classes. I handed out a course syllabus to students, including the group code they needed to join the group, and I’ve already started to prepare my AP Biology students by posting summer work in their group. 

There is an assumption that AP Biology students will have some background in chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology. I would hate to start teaching class believing that assumption is true, so I’m using Edmodo to help student review these topics before the new year begins. 

Even though students are not in school, and I will be traveling throughout the summer, I can continue to post new content, communicate with students, and answer any questions that arise through our Edmodo group. 

Professional Development

In addition to using Edmodo for summer work, I have spent countless hours working on one unit for my flipped classroom next year. I asked my coworkers for feedback, but wanted as much help as possible before proceeding further.

Over the summer I’ve posted regularly in the communities on Edmodo and have had the most wonderful feedback. I feel like I have a huge chance to “do it right” from this point on.

In the two months I’ve used Edmodo it has proven to be a priceless (yet amazingly…free) tool for my professional development and student communication.

26 responses to “How I Use Edmodo Over the Summer to Prepare For the New Year”

  1. Mark Durfee says:

    I just finished my second year using Edmodo . I teach 8th grade U.S. History in Texas. Edmodo has worked great for me. Our middle school students have school-issued iPads which makes communicating work and grading that work a breeze. I look forward to learning how much more efficient I can be as I learn more about Edmodo.

  2. JoAnn Filer says:

    I posted summer reading assignments and links that will allow students to read the book online, smart phone, Nooks, Kindles or iPADS. Assignments can also be posted in Edmodo. I received questions and comments on the assignments already:). My students are encouraged to keep in touch over the summer. I will also sign up for the webinar in August, and continue to explore PD with the various communities I have joined.

  3. marivicschrage says:

    I came across Edmodo website when I was researching on the topic “gamification in the classroom”. I went to the site, viewed and explored the different links of Edmodo website. Immediately I came to realization that this is what I need to enhance my instructional delivery. I can’t wait to get started!

    • Shirley says:

      Hello, there—Can you share with me what those websites were. I’m a secondary teacher, and would love more info about what you found, and how you plan to use these new ideas to enhance your instructional delivery– I too believe if we have a dynamic instructional delivery, this will facilitate student engagement. I’d love to hear from you!!!!!!! Have a grand summer—

  4. tanyar says:

    I use edmodo as a student, and it is one of the most easiest ways of getting homework done, because it is impossible to lose it, unless of coarse you do not have a computer or some thing like that.
    Another amazing thing the Internet can do for you. 🙂

  5. This summer I developed a course for training my counselors in training campers. I was able to post instructional videos, pose reflection questions and share resources. This helped me organize and document this new program for my summer participants.

  6. Derek Oldfield says:

    I’m also using Edmodo with incoming 8th grade math students during the summer. I’m using Edmodo in conjunction with Khan Academy. It’s so exciting seeing so many students work on improving their math skills and communicating with me during the summer.

  7. liz hoppe says:

    So thankful for your encouraging post. I have not used Edmodo before but will have a 1:1 classroom next year so I’m planning to figure it out this summer.

  8. Mr D Burke says:

    I’ve been using Edmodo since 2010. The ways I’ve used it have evolved, but I remember in the first year I was able to mark and comment on students assignments submitted just before school broke up for the summer break while I was on holiday in California. My students were then able to ask me more questions in preparation for the new year. It has become an invaluable tool or staff at my school. We have also created professional learning groups for staff within Edmodo, which several staff use quite often to share research & websites that they’ve encountered.

  9. Dan Jatovsky says:

    Good advice, but one important change I would make is to give students the join url rather than the group code. Face it. Most students are going to procrastinate. By the time they get around to joining, the group will have been locked.

  10. Very helpful post. Great ideas!

  11. LATRELLE says:

    I love edmodo for my students and myself! I post my homework calendars and project rubrics. It is a fantastic way to send information to studen tree s for enrichment and I give extra credit for links I post. Many of my students send me notes or questions. During holidays, I can send project reminders or helpful suggestions. Edmodo is a great tool and now with a smartphone app makes it phenomenal!

    • Shirley says:

      Thank you for this most helpful information.
      You sound like a well-organized teacher. How powerful for your students.

  12. Diane Gallentine says:

    I have used edmodo for two full years now, including summers with my college students. I have come close to being a paperless classroom. I have found, though, that even though I post the handouts from the Library into their class I still need to give them a hardcopy.

    I post all assignments, readings, quizzes and tests online and sometimes as much as 2 weeks in advance. This is a wonderful planning tool for both the students and myself. I also grade all but their longest research papers online also.

    I also use the planner. I periodically print it out on put it on the door of my classroom.

    At this point, I can no longer remember or even conceive what teaching without edmodo, or similar system is like.

  13. linda says:

    I just signed up for the EdmodoCon on Aug.’s free and I think will give me a great overview of how to use Edmodo…these online professional conferences are a great way to not only get some hours, but you can get great info. from the comforts of home!

  14. Marilyn says:

    I am really wondering if Edmodo will work fo rme. I teach 8th grade in a low income school and not everyone has internet availability. What do you tink- should I try it?

    • Mr Burke says:

      I also teach in a low income area. Many students only use Edmodo at school as they dont have access at home. Think of Edmodo as an in clas delivery system to help bring a much broader learning experience to your classes, so as long as a they have Internet access at school it will be usable.

      • Rob says:

        I’ve been concerned about the same thing. I want to use edmodo with my students this year, but I fear if everyone doesn’t have internet access out side of school it will be in vain.

    • Andrea Earl says:

      I am also I. Allow income area, but using Edmodo and other web based tools has help oth students and parents realize the importance of tech tools in their daily lives. At Back-to-School night I suggested that if parents were looking for 1 big holiday or birthday present, to consider an iPod touch instead of the new wii or Nintendo system. We are a BYOD school and many students returned from break with a new or used device.

  15. Mark says:

    This will be my first year using Edmodo. I used KidBlog before but find it a bit limiting.
    So far I have uploaded each section of my Science and Math textbooks, so the kids are never without a copy. I created a folder for each section of each textbook. Along with the textbook section I have uploaded the section worksheets, videos and interactives related to the section and links to the applicable IXL game (for Math). It looks great at the moment!

  16. Yvonne Hampton says:

    Great idea for using Edmodo with students. Thanks for sharing. My students uploaded their Powerpoint presentations last year so that they could collaborate with their peers.

  17. Maxine Marks says:

    How do I create a group code for my students to access at the beginning of the school year ?

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