Introducing Edmodo’s Brand New Look

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July 11th, 2013

You asked, we listened. We are very excited to share Edmodo’s sleek new look with you! In this release, you will find the same great features in a simpler, cleaner layout that saves you time and allows you to focus on what’s most important – engaging your students.

You will get to experience the new environment in a few days, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek into what your experience will be like. Here you will find an overview of the new layout and see how it helps you work more efficiently in Edmodo. If you still have any questions after reading this post, our fabulous support team is available 24/7 to help you.

What’s New

Say hello to your new homepage – a clean, fresh look complete with easy navigation options and a streamlined communication stream:


Notice the icons on the top toolbar and the cool new Apps Toolbar on the right. Let’s take a closer look at what we have on the homepage:


New Apps Toolbar!
We realize that each teacher’s needs are different, and that your teaching experience is like no other. You can now customize your Apps Toolbar to meet your own special requirements.

Edmodo Store – The go-to store to purchase all your apps on Edmodo, now accessible from anywhere in Edmodo.

Manage – You can now manage your apps from anywhere on Edmodo. Install, delete and transfer licenses between your groups with just one click.

App Launcher -Use the App Launcher to quickly launch any app.

Favorite Apps – Access your apps with just one click. You can save time by dragging any app from the App Launcher and dropping it into the App Toolbar – once there, you can access them from anywhere within Edmodo. Looking for your favorite Planner? It can now be accessed from the Apps toolbar along with all your other favorite Edmodo Apps.


Goodbye Sticky Notes!

We are introducing a better way to keep track of new activities in your Edmodo classroom so you never miss out on on upcoming events, new replies to posts, alerts, and direct posts. You no longer need a sticky note to keep track of your notifications. The bell icon on the top toolbar tells you the number of categories of activities, click on it and you can see a list of these activities. Soon you will have a running history your notifications so you can track activity through time. Cool, huh? We thought so too!


Enhanced Group Pages

Click on any of our groups and you will find yourself in the enhanced group pages where you easily manage your small groups, posts, folders, and group members. You can now create and edit small groups from here and toggle easily between the small and main group.


We also have some very special news for our international users!

Edmodo is excited to make its amazing selection of free apps available to educators all over the world. No matter your location, you can now discover a wide range of free modular, curated apps designed to enrich your lesson plans.


So are we! We can’t wait to welcome you to the new Edmodo. We hope you enjoy using all the new features as much as we enjoyed building them.

69 responses to “Introducing Edmodo’s Brand New Look”

  1. Fantastic cant wait to look at the App Store, sleek new features terrific in 2 weeks I’m doing a training with staff so this is perfect thank you

  2. Deb Hogg says:

    Thanks Edmodo Support Team! Gotta love how you guys are constantly improving the edmodo interface… the latest version looks very sleek and I can’t wait to wander around and get familiar. Our Edmodo Ambassador has been building the excitement too – no revelation of secrets just enthusiastic support of your efforts to build an even better edmodo experience! Well done to all involved, Cheers, Deb Hogg (Sydney)

  3. Jared Speight says:

    Will there be a way to organize badges in this updated look? That would certainly help out.

  4. joy buckley says:

    brilliant, always improving and grest that in the UK we can access the apps

  5. K. Berry says:

    Looks great. Still hope to see threaded discussions soon. This will help Edmodo be even more usable in the classroom.

  6. Leslie says:


    Will the help guides be updated with the new changes? I’m giving couple of teacher trainings on edmodo next week and working on the handouts now.


  7. Linda McKee says:

    When will the new site be launched?
    Will the ‘Help’ content be changed to reflect the new site?

  8. Carmelita Haasenritter says:

    This is looking more user friendly than before. Thanks!

  9. Ruth Ryan says:

    Might have to use edmodo a bit more to take advantage of all the great stuff!

  10. Viji says:

    Great news! I am an international user and can’t wait to access the app store-thank you.

  11. Ena Lakisoe says:

    How exciting and most definitely come at a good time of change and innovation. Looking forward to sharing it with our staff and hope to see them enjoy Edmodo as a teaching and learning collaborative community as I do. Well done Edmodo team for really thinking about what is going to make this better for all of us.
    Ena (Sydney)

  12. M Fauzi says:

    Hi, i love the new look of edmodo.But there is a problem with the assignment part. When student turned in and attached their assignment, i cant find annotate button anymore!! Please help me

  13. Fauzi says:

    Where is annotate?? Bring back that features…….. ;(

  14. Yvonne Akers says:

    Looks fantastic! Thank you for continuing to strive to make Edmodo the best multipurpose technology tool available to teachers.

  15. Gladys Justiniano says:

    I am having problems loading and awarding badges. Lots of things moved around. Something to get used to.

    • Sophia Patrico says:

      Hi Gladys, this is Sophia from the Edmodo Support Team. We apologize for any inconvenience; this is currently a known issue. Our tech team is working hard to resolve this. We appreciate your patience!

  16. Jo Heyes says:

    First impressions – not an improvement. Right hand tool pane and positioning of communities was far better. Compressed groups box with multiple levels to access makes it makes it all far too clunky. The centre pane is unnecessarily big and limits easy navigation. The main advantage was Edmodos simplicity and speed. Now it is clunky and upload is as slow as ever.
    Honestly, why no drag and drop and / or multiple uploads. Will probably return to moodle now I have to go through multiple levels on your site too to access what I want, except for doing very simple messaging on Edmodo. Sad.

  17. Diana Gross says:

    We embraced Edmodo as we piloted a digital technology and media educational program for underserved populations in Southeast Asia. The new apps are exciting, but when we see that certain apps are only available to users in the US, we feel the digital divide expanding. Can you please take a more global approach to approving the apps, only allowing them to be offered when licensing is available for global distribution?

  18. Jeffrey La says:

    Me, my class (including whole grade and last year class) unfortunately disagree to the topic, in fact I do too, it just looks too modern and not classical enough and simply disturbs us, we are excited to have an designed update. Thanks and sorry if this does upset you

  19. Nicole Smith says:

    Thanks for the redesign, it looks great. The one thing that I was hoping for that doesn’t seem to be changed is the “see all” button below the groups. I always want to see all my groups all the time, and clicking that button to search for my groups is a hassle. Can you either get rid of that button or make it an option in our account settings?

    • Dan Carew says:

      Nicole, if you’d like to see all of your groups all the time, click “Show All” in the groups pane, then click the little stars next to each group on the right.

  20. Dave Munsick says:

    Hi Folks – Just wondering if we will have the ability to save lessons, quizzes, etc in FOLDERS?

    • Hello Dave – Thank you for your question. Saving resources in Folders is an accessible feature within Edmodo. To do so, first go to your Library (icon of a book on top toolbar). Within the Library, there is a “Folders” tab on the left. There you can create new Folders, or add content to Folders. To add content, click on a Folder, then click the “Add to Folder” button. Or, once you have uploaded a resource into your Library, you can select that resource in your Library (clicking the check box that appears in the top left when you hover over), and click the “Add to Folder” icon that appears across the top of your Library. More detailed information about managing your Folders can be found here: – I hope this helps!

  21. Phil Bridges says:

    Refuses to fully load in Safari.
    Login box appears but won’t login.
    Works in Chrome but Safari is my preferred browser. Worked fine before update.
    Anyone with similar problems? have done a general google search but can’t find anything similar.

    • Andrea Grkovski-Zimet says:

      I have the same problem. Also on Safari.

    • Paula says:

      Same problem with me in Safari – can’t open Edmodo and only half the home page displays. Can’t access the site at home!

    • Simon Bowden says:

      I am having the same problem. Is anything being done to solve this issue?

    • Hello Everybody – Thank you for expressing your concerns about this issue. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. This is currently a known issue that we are working on, and hope to resolve soon. For now, we recommend using an alternative browser like Chrome or FireFox.

      If you send us an email at briefly describing your issue we can keep you updated over email regarding the resolution of this bug. Thank you for your patience as we work this out!

  22. Phil Bridges says:

    Further complication: Can’t send attachments using Chrome. Firefox the only browser that seems to work.

  23. Monica Campbell says:

    Great work team Edmodo. I wii explore all this semester.


  24. Margaret says:

    I belong to a group on Edmodo that shares suggestions and ideas among our teacher group. I receive an e-mail notification whenever someone posts to this group, but all it does is say Mrs. X has posted to Edmodo. The admin of this group sends several posts, but not all pertain to me. I would like to suggest that notifications have the ability to identify something that would indicate the content of the message. When I get four or five a day from this group alone, I don’t always have time to read them all and am probably missing some important content.

    Also, it would be great if you could include Edmodo in your spelling dictionary so that every time I write Edmodo it would not appear to be misspelled! Thank you!!

  25. andrea says:

    There used to be a little window on the right that told you everytime a student logged in, and how long ago, and what library resource they had seen. Is this functionality still available? I can’t find it 🙁

    • Michael says:

      I’ve been looking for that as well. I like keeping tabs on who is using our Edmodo site, when how often, etc and now I can’t.

    • Hello Andrea and Michael – Thank you for your feedback. The Recent Activity stream you are referring to is not part of the new edition, however you can still access much of that data. In the “Progress” feature, clicking on the “Insights” tab shows you who has been logging in most recently. Furthermore, If you go to a student’s profile and click the “Activity” tab on the left, you can see any Posts or Replies that they have made. Additionally, we have been hearing from many teachers that they miss aspects of the Recent Activity stream, and are currently working to build in more of that student-centered data, so keep an eye out for this down the road. Thanks for your input!

      • Jo Heyes says:

        Any chance of restoring features people particularly liked. Most of you fixes require multiple steps and take away from the ease an simplicity which was the big attraction.

      • Jo Heyes says:

        Dear team,
        I have now surveyed all comments. I do not understand where your updates came from. Most changes you made are introducing more layers and all the shortcuts in ipad have gone. Who asked for that? If as you say, “we asked and you listened”? It looks like change for the sake of it to many of the people who have commented here. I see few positives in these comments. Sorry, but I did so love the original product 🙁

  26. Pat Mathews says:

    Cannot load the website on my Mac. I only get a partial page and will not allow me to log in. I am using safari.

    • Hello Pat – Thank you for reaching out. We were experiencing some login page issues with Safari, but those should be cleared up now! As always, feel free to reach out to us at for assistance with any questions or issues you may have.

  27. Kelli says:

    Can’t wait to “share” quizzes!! That will happen this time, right?

  28. tiffany says:

    Okay this new look isn’t “showing up” on my computer. I’m missing some features. I have a Macbook Pro. Help

  29. Robert says:

    The badges need their Names actually visible on the screen (not just with a mouse hover). It used to be that I could hit CTL+F to open Chrome’s FIND/SEARCH tool and quickly locate badges by typing part of their name, then cycling through the FIND results. That no longer works without the text actually on the screen. Or just come up with an overall system for organizing badges altogether; there never really was one.
    Also, bring back the Activity Feed. The real time notifications it provided were helpful in monitoring students’ activity during lessons.
    Otherwise, I REALLY like the prominent location of the Group’s Folder button and Members button on the left side menu.

    • Joanna Lieberman says:

      I agree with Robert! I also miss the red question mark that took you directly to help.

      • Hi Joanna – Thank you for providing your input! As part of the simpler design, we took away the red question mark, but help is still in the same spot just one click away! Access “Help” at any time by clicking “Me” > “Help,” or our live chat Support Community by clicking on Support under your Communities (now a grey question mark). We look forward to assisting you!

  30. Hi Robert – Thank you very much for your feedback. We have heard similar input from other teachers about creating a better Badge organization system, and have passed that on to our product team. Providing rich data about student activity on Edmodo is definitely something we value. You can find recent activity data for a group under “Progress” > “Insights” tab, and for individual students by going to their Profile page. Thank you very much for your input; we value it highly, and will definitely incorporate it into future product improvements.

  31. Cyndi says:

    Hi there!
    I posted a question a few weeks ago (the 12th or 13th), and it showed as “awaiting moderation” for a while, but now it’s just gone. Anyhow, my question was: in the upgrade, will people be able to attach a document in their reply? Ex: Teacher A posts the question “Does anyone have the xxxxx document we worked on last week?” Teacher B replies “yes!”
    Teacher B would like to attach the document to that reply, but can’t. They have to create a new post and tell Teacher A to go find that new post they created rather than just accessing the original question/thread.
    In the trainings I’ve done, I’ve come across quite a few people who have expressed frustration with this, and I’m hoping it’s something that is fixed in the upgrade, but can’t tell. Help?

    • Hello Cyndi – thank you for this question. We have heard this feedback from other teachers, and it is on our Engineering Roadmap for future development. While we do not have a timeline for this feature, we are working towards it due to the input of teachers like you, so thank you for your comments.

  32. Adam says:

    Where did the planner go in the iPad app?

    • Martin says:

      This is exactly what I’m wondering as well. The planner acts as our students’ calendars–it’s the primary means by which we look at assignments. If it’s gone from the iPad app, Edmodo immediately becomes much less interesting for our school.

  33. Rob says:

    Here’s a big issue for users like me, an issue that persists even into this Edmodo revamp: You need to be able to EDIT THE LINKS AND FILES attached to a post, after it’s been posted. You can edit/delete the text of the post, but any links, files, embeddings connected to that post can’t be individually removed or altered once posted unless you delete the entire post..
    Also, I really agree, wholeheartedly, with Cyndi’s point. There needs to be a more direct means for document/file sharing between teachers, such as attaching documents and links in post REPLIES. Sharing via one’s library then Folders, then linking folders to groups, then telling the person to go to the group to find a shared folder and dig out something is too much. I realize you can type the teacher’s name as the recipient of a direct post with the files/links attached that way, but that removes those teaching resources from the discussion thread posts that others might read and also wish to access.
    Overall, I’m warming up to the new layout. Thanks Edmodo!

    • Hello Rob – thank you very much for your feedback. We have heard this request from other teachers too, and this feature is on the Engineering Roadmap for future development. While we do not have a timeline for this feature, we are working towards it due to the input of teachers like you, so thank you for reaching out.

  34. Matthew says:

    Though the new website is a great new improvement the iPad app is less than desirable. There is no consistent fliw, many if the reatures are no longer available. Teachers cannot change/edit nembers in groups. The Groups Management is a dead feature. If the app was similar in nature to the web based version then things would be better.

    • Sam Swink says:

      Hi Matthew, thanks for the feedback on the new iPad app. We are hoping to make a better mobile experience than ever before. Our app does not have all the features of the Desktop version at this time, but we are working tirelessly to improve our app in the coming weeks. You can continue to use the Full Web version of the app on your iPad’s browser for now if you find you are unable to complete a task on the iPad app. Our team is hard at work adding features to our app and hope to include many important features soon. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the latest version of the app!

  35. Carlo says:

    There seems to be issue with the updated app for iPad, it no longer allows for parent access, is there a solution for this issue, is anyone else having the same issue.

    • Hello Carlo – thank you for reaching out. We are striving the make a great Edmodo app, but at this point, the app does not have all of the features of the Desktop version, including parent access. You can continue to access parent accounts via the full web version of Edmodo on your iPad’s browser. Please note that we are listening to user feedback, and constantly working to improve the app, so please feel free to continue getting in touch with your feedback. Thanks!

      • Carlo says:

        Hi Guys, you say the app does not allow parent access, however I was able to use my login to access edmodo through the app and now I can’t, something seems to have changed.

  36. Ksenija G. says:

    Thank you!
    I have no trainer here in Čakovec Croatia,do you know anyone who can help me?
    I have two groups-my students.We are learning together,day by day!

    • Hello Ksenija – thank you for reaching out. Please take a look at our Help Center – . There you will find many resources to help you learn to use Edmodo. Furthermore, feel free to ask any specific questions you may have. Our support team is available at all hours of the week at, or by posting on our Edmodo Support Community. We look forward to helping you!

  37. Karen S. Jackson says:

    Disappointing. I agree with the poster above who is going back to Moodle. My students and I loved edmodo for its simplicity; the realignment has abandoned that.

    • Tom Walton says:

      I use both Moodle and Edmodo, the former on teacher training courses, the latter with language classes.

      As a learner (a kid, a teen…) I know which I’d rather have: Edmodo! Moodle is the teacher’s space: the teacher puts stuff there which we have to read. Edmodo is ours: we DO stuff there!

      Look at the two from the learner’s point of view: which is more exciting? Which is closer to real life (ie Facebook, for many kids!) ?

      It’s not a question of which tool is more convenient for the teacher, but which the learners are going to engage with more.

      I have a few issues with the new Edmodo, but no way I’m going to cart all my learners off screaming into Moodle!

  38. Bonnie Boggs says:

    Is there anyway to move or minimize the new App Toolbar?

  39. chelda says:

    thanks edmodo has happy me a lot

  40. nuala says:

    Where is the annotations feature?

    • Hello Nuala, You will find the annotations feature when a student turns in an attached document on an assignment. When you review the submission, there will be a grey icon of a pencil beneath the attachment name. Clicking that pencil icon will open the annotation window in a new tab. All annotations will be saved automatically, and be viewable by students when they click the “preview” icon below the file name. You can also download a pdf with your annotations on it by clicking the “download” icon at the top of the annotation page. Hope this helps 🙂

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