Meet the Speakers of EdmodoCon: Patrick Fogarty

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July 30th, 2013

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As we gear up for EdmodoCon 2013, we’d like to introduce you to our featured speakers. Over the next week, profiles of our chosen educators will appear in our blog, giving you a chance to learn more about their work and how they are leveraging Edmodo in their classrooms. Register for EdmodoCon here, and check out the full EdmodcoCon schedule to see when you’ll be able to catch these talented folks live!

Patrick Fogarty

Edmodo is pleased to highlight the work of another 2013 Edmodocon presenter, Apple Distinguished Educator, Patrick Fogarty. Patrick currently teaches writing at St. Francis College, in addition to teaching film and serving as an advisor of instructional technology at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, NY. Check out the Edmodocon schedule in your time zone to see when Patrick will be presenting his ideas on, “Access, Engagement, and Equality with Edmodo”.

Like our other Edmodocon presenters, Patrick has been an ongoing fan of Edmodo and our virtual conference. He says, “I’m hoping for more of what we got last year – passionate, motivated educators driven to share great ideas with their peers. I hope there’s a comments scroll like last year, because I will read what people write while I’m speaking!” Below is more insight from Patrick.

What problems does Edmodo help you solve as an educator?

Edmodo is how we create virtual classrooms that extend beyond the physical space we have. It’s how we connect other incredible digital resources like Box, Educreations, Evernote, and hundreds more. It provides me with a digital hub for all my classes, and solves the hardest question for a 21st century educator: how do I make this more student-centered?

What is your favorite feature?

I’m a huge fan of the group and messaging options. I love being able to send the same assignment to twenty individuals, five groups, two class halves, or whatever variation I choose. Even better, I can differentiate instruction on a granular level, controlling the precise level of difficulty for each student’s assignment.

What is an interesting project or unique example of how you’re using Edmodo in the classroom?

Edmodo is where my students gather to watch each other’s film course assignments, share feedback, and submit revisions. I get to track student work from first to final cut, which makes it easy to help them through their creative processes.

What advice would you give a new Edmodo teacher?

Start small. Create a class, post some links, upload a worksheet or two to the library. Then take baby steps until you have your students submit a full essay via Edmodo. The day you grade those essays digitally with Edmodo’s annotation tools and walk back into school with an empty bag will be the one that convinces you use it for everything.

Join us on August 7th for Patrick’s session and more. Make sure to follow Patrick on Edmodo and on Twitter, too!

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