Edmodo Features: SSL Enabled

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August 2nd, 2013

This summer at Edmodo, we’ve been very busy building great new features in our new release and planning for our global professional development event, EdmodoCon. Today, we want to let you know about another terrific feature that is now live. As part of our commitment to having the highest security standards, we launched default HTTPS encryption for every page on Edmodo.

What’s Changed?

Going forward, all web page activity in Edmodo will automatically be encrypted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – the protocol for secure communication. This means that when you login to Edmodo, you will not need to do anything to use the HTTPS/SSL version of Edmodo, no matter where you are when you are using Edmodo.

While a HTTPS version of Edmodo has been available to schools and other users since 2011, we decided to make this more seamless for you by making it the default when you access Edmodo.

Will I See a Difference?

The SSL protocol works behind the scenes so you will not notice a difference. Our transition to full SSL communication has been seamless – providing you with the same great Edmodo experience in an even more secure manner.

We realize you may have questions that arise from these changes. As always, our award-winning support team will be happy to answer any of your inquiries.

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