Meet the Speakers of EdmodoCon: Stibaly Johnson

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August 6th, 2013

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As we gear up for EdmodoCon 2013, we’d like to introduce you to our featured speakers. Over the next couple of weeks, profiles of our chosen educators will appear in our blog, giving you a chance to learn more about their work and how they are leveraging Edmodo in their classrooms. Register for EdmodoCon here, and check out the full EdmodoCon schedule to see when you’ll be able to catch these talented folks live!

Stibaly Johnson

Stibaly Johnson is our final EdmodoCon presenter to be highlighted in our featured speaker blog series. Stibaly is a 6th grade teacher at Rohr Elementary in Chula Vista, California, and she is eagerly anticipating EdmodoCon: “I cannot wait to share what I have been using Edmodo for and to learn about new ways that I can use Edmodo in my daily instruction.  This will be a great opportunity for me to share with others at a global level.” Stibaly will be giving a presentation at EdmodoCon on addressing Common Core standards while using Edmodo.

Keep on reading to learn more about how Stibaly uses Edmodo in her classroom!

What problems does Edmodo help you solve as an educator?

I have been able to become more efficient in the use of my instructional minutes.  Planning time has decreased because my partner and I share the prep work, thus lessening our individual workload. I also do not have to worry about carrying around all student assignments because most of them are on Edmodo. The ease of grading has also solved a family time issue that I used to have. Now, I actually have a life outside of work!

What is your favorite feature?

My favorite feature is quiz creation. Quizzes score themselves, parents and students are immediately notified, and I’m able to do so much with the results.

What is an interesting project or unique example of how you’re using Edmodo in the classroom?

I have used Edmodo to have collaborative discussions. Students express that they can actually process the questions and get help from others in their discussion group.  This has allowed for more participation from every student.

Do you have any favorite Edmodo apps?

My favorite app is GoAnimate. It allows students to demonstrate their understanding of any topic in a creative and entertaining way. It also allows students to practice their writing or speaking skills while creating these animations. The best part is being able to showcase completed animations!

What advice would you give a new Edmodo teacher?

Edmodo is a great opportunity to be able to have literally EVERYTHING (grades, assessments, assignments, resources, group discussions…) in one place. Take each feature one-at-a-time, and you will not regret learning and implementing Edmodo into your daily instruction.

Check out the Chula Vista Elementary School District blog to learn more about Stibaly and join us on August 7th for her session on meeting Common Core Standards. Make sure to follow her on Edmodo!

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