Training Resources to Help You Teach Edmodo

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August 28th, 2013

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One of the best ways to train users on Edmodo is to hold a training session in Edmodo. Just as you would create an Edmodo Group for a class or an after-school club, you can also create a Group for a training or professional development session. This group can serve as a backchannel for discussion before, during, and after the session, as well as a repository for all of the content shared in the training.

Find out how to create a training group, and access several other useful resources, in our Help Center. The material includes:

  • Training Checklist – This checklist details all of the important tasks that you need to cover before, during, and after your Edmodo PD session.

  • Create a Training Group – Step-by-step directions on how to create a training group for your PD session.

  • Training Invitation – Use this sample invitation to invite teachers to your Edmodo PD session.

  • Training Agenda – Follow this sample Edmodo training agenda to ensure that you cover all of the important features of Edmodo during your training.

  • Training Presentation – This PowerPoint presentation addresses all of the basics that you need to cover at your training session, including what is Edmodo, how to sign up, and basic features. After your training session, you can place the presentation in a Shared Folder in your Training Group for attendees to reference.

  • Edmodo Best Practices – During or after your PD session, be sure to share this list of best practices that every Edmodo educator should know.

  • Training Certificate – An Edmodo training certificate that you can distribute to attendees after they complete your PD session.

Happy training! As always, let us know if you have any questions by posting a note in our Support Community.

4 responses to “Training Resources to Help You Teach Edmodo”

  1. Umaru Garba says:

    Dear edmodo,
    I felt highly impressed with these your step by step training guides. I am certain with these resources I and my students as well as my colleagues would have meaningful teaching and learning interaction with one another any time any where.

  2. Blondiewho11 says:

    I love this website five stars

  3. Thomas M. says:

    Edmodo, you explain this step by step process really well i understand it completely.

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