Celebrate Connected Educator Month With Edmodo

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September 26th, 2013

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CEMLogoOctober is Connected Educator Month (CEM), and Edmodo is celebrating with a number of activities for our growing network of educators.

Connect to Win

Join the Connected Educator group on Edmodo to get details throughout the month of October, including how you can enter to win a free trip to the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), held January 28-31, 2014, in Orlando, Florida!

Free Webinars

Whether you’re a new or expert Edmodo user, we’ll be launching two free webinars that highlight specific ways to become a Connected Educator within the Edmodo network.

From Connection to Collaboration in the Global Edmodo Network
Date: October 9, 2013
Time: 7 pm EDT
Speakers: Adam Bellow, Kristina Holzweiss

In this session, author and educational technologist Adam Bellow will share the benefits of being a Connected Educator, and Edmodo Support Ambassador Kristina Holzweiss will speak about the best ways to be a Connected Educator on Edmodo. You’ll learn how to participate in global Edmodo communities and hundreds of teacher-created PLC groups, where you can discover ideas and resources to use in your daily practice. Sign up now

21st Century Classroom Management: Edmodo for Digital Citizenship
Co-hosted by Common Sense Media & Edmodo
Date: October 23, 2013
Time: 7 pm EDT
Speakers: Christine Baker

Learn how to develop digital citizenship skills with Edmodo. Technology Coordinator and former EdmodoCon presenter, Christine Baker, will share how you can utilize lessons and resources created by Edmodo and Common Sense Media. After the webinar, you’ll have the tools to discuss and shape the online behaviors of the students at your school, as well as to develop a common vocabulary regarding digital citizenship. Sign up now

Login to your Edmodo account today and submit your request to join the Connected Educator Group, where you can stay up-to-date on these activities and discover other ways we’ll be celebrating CEM!

3 Responses to “Celebrate Connected Educator Month With Edmodo”

  1. I am having trouble signing up for the 2nd webinar. It’s asking for a code.

    Also, I am unable to attend Adam’s webinar but would like to listen to the recording. Will it be in the Edmodo group?

  2. RoseAnn Hernandez says:

    Awesome! I enjoyed the webinar titled: From Connection to Collaboration in the Global Network. Both Adam Bellow and Kristina Holzweiss offered valuable resources and reasons why we all need to become CONNECTED EDUCATORS. Thanks again!

    I belong to several groups. So many resources, wow! I am currently enjoying the Global Read Aloud with my students. #GAA

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