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September 30th, 2013

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New to Edmodo and looking to connect with other educators? Join one of our New User Groups!

Lead by Edmodo Support Ambassadors, these groups are for both new and existing users looking to gain new resources, ideas, and support. The groups last for a semester and have rolling attendance.

Check out this semester’s groups and visit our help center to learn more about New User Groups.

Join Dominic Salvucci and Christy Rivers this semester as they guide you through the best practices of Edmodo in High School. Mr. Salvucci has been teaching students and teachers since 1989, and serves as a Keystone Technology Educator, Keystone Technology Mentor, a DEN Star Educator, and an Edmodo Support Ambassador. His students are 1-to-1 with iPods and iPads, and as a BYOD district in Pennsylvania, he’s familiar with many cross-platform tools. Ms. Rivers teaches English and Reading at Ashe County High School in West Jefferson, NC, and is in her 9th year of teaching. Her current subjects include English 3 (American Lit), English 4 (British Lit), and Reading Fundamentals. Request to join.

Join Sheryl Place and Ana Pratas this semester as they guide you through the best practices of Edmodo with English Language Learners. Ms. Place, who teachers ELL, has been using Edmodo as a communication tool with her students to reinforce classroom instruction and to provide support after hours. A member of the World Language Communities and SMART groups, Ms. Pratas teaches EFL/ESL in higher education, and coaches teachers on the use/benefits of Edmodo. She currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. Request to join.

Join Dorene Bates this semester as she guides you through the best practices for using and supporting others in Edmodo as a Technology Coordinator. Ms. Bates was a Technology Facilitator for 15 years and has taught Keyboarding during two of those years at two Middle Schools. For the past four years, she has worked as an Instructional Technology Facilitator at the district level. She now works with K-5 teachers, helping them to integrate technology into their curriculum. Request to join.

Join Sandy Maye and Jennifer Crow as they guide you through best practices using Edmodo in Elementary classrooms (K-5). Ms. Maye is certified in Music and Educational Leadership and currently teaches K-5 Music in Central Florida, but throughout her 29 years, she has taught Music, Band, Chorus, grades K-9, and more.  She has a smart board in her classroom and her school is beginning a District (county)-wide Bring Your Own Device initiative (BYOD).  She uses Edmodo to connect with her hundreds of students outside of the limited class time they have together, and is excited to share the endless possibilities of using Edmodo with you! Ms. Crow has worked both as an elementary classroom teacher and as an educational technology specialist. She’s teaching 4th grade math and science this year, and has a great deal of expertise in using Edmodo in the classroom! Request to join.

Join Timothy Quinn this semester, as he guides you through the best practices of Edmodo in Special Education. From Ontario, Canada, Mr. Quinn is a Special Education teacher to eight junior-intermediate students in a congregated Learning Disabilities class. This year marks his third year using Edmodo (and his second term as an Edmodo Support Ambassador) in a 1:1 class with Windows-based laptops, SMART Board, and an iPad. He has a “paperless” classroom in which they use Class Dojo, Actively Learn, Padlet, Text2MindMap, Quizlet, Glogster, and other web resources. Request to join.

Join Kristina Holzweiss this semester as she guides you through the best practices of Edmodo with Information Literacy and Teacher Development. Ms. Holzweizz teaches library information literacy 6, 7, 8. She has also taught 7th grade English, as well as summer school, evening high school, adult Ed, and teacher development. She also teaches computers in her after-school club. She was also one of our very first Edmodo Support Ambassadors! Request to join.

Join Bobby Lewis as he guides you through the best practices of Edmodo in Middle School. Mr. Lewis has been teaching middle school grades for 17 years, including math, science, history, careers, and computer business. His class has been paperless for the last couple of years, and he uses Edmodo daily to manage his class. Request to join.

12 responses to “Join an Edmodo New User Group”

  1. Tony says:

    What about Edmodo for Creative Arts or Health and PE?

    • Hi Tony – The new user group topics are determined by our support ambassadors. While we may not have a Creative Arts or Health/PE category this semester, it’s possible that someone will begin one another semester.

  2. Sandy Maye says:

    Hi! I am a Music Teacher (K-9) – feel free to join the Elementary Group – and I will do my best to help guide you. BTW – I have a Smart Board – typo I guess! 🙂

    • Sandy Maye says:

      Also, please note that these groups have temporary membership (by semester with rolling membership), and are meant to simply guide new users to what is available in Edmodo. There are groups to join specifically for subject areas such as Music/Band/Chorus/Drama and so much more. I am always willing to help in any way that I can.

    • copperhead says:

      wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Smart Boards!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 but how do you join the group??? sorry im new to this website.

  3. Geoff Ashton says:

    Hi, don’t forget Edmodo UK for
    1. UK based users and/or
    2. Users who follow the Uk National Curriculum

    • Sandy Maye says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Please know that the Specific groups advertised here are simply meant to assist teacher who are beginner users of Edmodo. There ARE many, many active teacher groups in Edmodo that are specific to countries outside of the US and their Curriculum, etc. Again, the groups advertised right here is meant to assist new teachers in finding those groups and other helpful areas of Edmodo.

  4. Eric says:

    I am a parent and I would like to learn more about it I have a daughter in the Sixth grade and one in the 1st. and both along with my wife are new to it we would like to get more familiar with it so I will know how to assist my kids. Any Suggestions. I signed up for a webinar on the ninth hopefully that’s a start.

    • Eric – I recommend you sign up for one of our Intro to Edmodo webinars at

    • Sandy Maye says:

      Hi Eric!

      Are your children using Edmodo at school? The groups that students join are lead by their teacher(s). If your children are IN an Edmodo group, you can join as a parent. The code you need is in your child’s account, and is specific only to that one child. You will need the code to create an account. Both parents can join – just be sure to use different email addresses and your student’s code if you want to have separate access. Please keep in mind that you will have limited access – you will not see other students in the class – that is of course part of confidentiality and security. Best of luck – and glad to have your support!

  5. Eric says:

    Thanks Will Do

  6. Brittany says:

    Hi! I am in high school and have been on Edmodo for two years now. I just want to leave a recommendation for Edmodo. I think that they should add in teacher emails so that way you are able to get in contact with your teachers more easily. Especially for new users.

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