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November 6th, 2013

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In the U.S.,  November 11 is Veterans Day, a federal holiday that honors all who have served in the military. For educators looking to recognize armed service in the classroom, here are some resources and activities that your fellow teachers shared on Edmodo to help students understand what it means to be a veteran and how they can be commemorated.

Veterans Day Reading
With a comprehensive list of reading passages and questions, has resources tailored for grades K-7. Select a passage, post it to Edmodo, and have your students comment.

Veterans History Project
Thanks to the Library of Congress, students can search for and find veterans by name, service, rank, and more. The perfect resource for history- and social studies-related projects.

World War II Veteran Interview
Meet Me at the Corner takes students on a virtual field trip to Colorado, where a young girl interviews her grandfather who served on the front lines. A great activity to watch and discuss in class.

Veterans Day Data
Yummy Math lets students study the armed forces by the numbers. With a downloadable worksheet, help students learn and understand the breadth of military service in the U.S.

What activities do you have planned in recognition of Veterans Day? Share your story in the comments, or in one of the Communities on Edmodo!

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  1. theresa says:

    I sent my grampa a happy vets day card since he was in the koreian war

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