Comprehending the Common Core with Snappiness

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November 7th, 2013

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With the Common Core being rolled out to the school district, it’s become a priority to find material to help my fourth grade class align to its standards. For reading comprehension in particular, it’s not only important to adopt something that holds the interest of students, but is also easy to incorporate into the current curriculum.

Snappiness, an app available on the Edmodo Store, is an integrated solution that was created by Mark Sullivan, a former teacher and author of several reading books. An app developed by a teacher for teachers, Snappiness provides access to:

  • A digital library of reading material
  • Built-in questions and activities
  • Ongoing feedback and assessment
  • Ways to reward students for achievements

Aligned to the Common Core standards, Snappiness supports these new guidelines, makes them easy for teachers to understand, and translates them into activities that are fun for young readers.


Diving into the Snappiness digital library, which allows you to preview material prior to assigning it to students, I selected The Golden State to launch the Common Core in my classroom. Not only was the content aligned to the new standards, but it also gave students a sense of what their fourth grade social studies curriculum would entail.

Once my class completed its reading assignment, I used a cloze test to assess their comprehension of the material. With a variety of other built-in activities-—writing and research prompts, paraphrasing exercises, and more-—Snappiness gives teachers a way to immediately gauge and score student progress.

Student Approved

Qualitatively, Snappiness gives teachers further insight into what students likes to learn. Through this assignment, I saw my class’ love of learning all things California, especially when they encountered the realistic pictures of gold and were introduced to the state’s four regions. Their enthusiasm was reinforced by their ability to earn “SNAP” points for completing assignments and collect badges that could be used to create their own short stories.

With Snappiness, it was clear my students were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed their reading experience. I plan to use the app to assess additional standards, and recommend it for any elementary school looking for activities that are Common Core aligned and interesting, yet rigorous.

To learn more, or integrate Snappiness into your Edmodo group, visit the Edmodo Store today!

This is a guest post by Jennifer Sotelo, a fourth grade teacher at Lorena Falasco Elementary in Los Banos, California. Connect with Jennifer on Edmodo

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