Gamify the Hour of Code and Collaborate with Edmodo

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December 12th, 2013

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photo (30)In honor of Computer Science Education Week, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Bobby Lewis, a Computer Business teacher at Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, Georgia, who’s using the LearnStreet app on Edmodo to host a competition between his five classes.

The app provides a large library of coding courses and projects that teachers can assign, and students can earn points by completing each one. Lewis is leveraging this as a way to gamify his classroom and get his over 160 students motivated to participate in the Hour of Code.

How it works:

  1. Assign LearnStreet’s coding courses and projects to each Edmodo groups.

  2. Students get an Edmodo notification and post with a link to their new assignment.

  3. Points are awarded and tracked automatically within the app.

After a students complete a course or project, they earn points for their Edmodo group. Lewis is also awarding points for any coding students do outside of the LearnStreet app. Once the points earned from within LearnStreet are added to the points received from coding at home, each group is scored. The one with the most points at the end of week wins a programming badge.

“Students have been working on coding at home a lot this week,” Lewis says. “While points are earned as a result of individual work, they’re awarded to the group as a whole, giving me a great way to emphasize collaboration and see teamwork in action.”

Teaching for 18 years and using Edmodo for over 2 years, today, Lewis runs a completely paperless classroom. From posting assignments to taking quizzes, Lewis and his students love Edmodo.

“It provides a way to communicate inside and outside the classroom,” he shares. “Edmodo also gives a voice to students who might not express themselves in class. Now they have a way to ask questions one-on-one.”

Connect with Bobby Lewis on Edmodo.

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  1. Kate Matthews says:

    Great job Bobby! I didn’t know about that particular app and I will share it out to all teachers.

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