2013 Year in Review, All in Rhyme (Just for You)

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December 19th, 2013

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Check out the amazing year we’ve had together with this holiday-themed poem that highlights how you’ve helped bring joy to our world over the past twelve months!

Twas the night before break, when all through the halls
Not a student was stirring, because they were all at malls.
The grades had been entered by the teachers with care,
For it was the last thing required to be free from there.

As teachers got nestled in their comfortable beds,
The realization they could sleep in entered their heads.
No more alarm clocks, or getting dressed in a snap;
Over holiday break, they could take nap after nap.

Soon each teacher was dreaming and remembering what they’d done;
Thinking about all the past year’s lessons, created one-by-one.
Edmodo helped them do it, in what seemed like a flash.
Connecting, sharing, and making a learning splash.

Groups were created, one for each class;
Students were invited and joined en masse.
Then, before their wondering eyes did appear,
School work in an online atmosphere!

Classrooms were flipped, fast and quick;
Homework assigned with a simple click.
With word-of-mouth, more teachers came,
And soon more were asking for Edmodo by name.

“Now, LearnStreet! Now, zondle! Now, Elesapiens and DigitWhiz!
On, Bongo! On, Digital Passport! On, Audioboo and Les Mis!
Apps for multiple subjects and easy to install,
Now launch away! Launch away! Launch away all!”

“Give us a new look,” the teachers did cry,
So Edmodo got a makeover to appease the eye.
An online facelift that kept its signature blue,
And a brand new design for the iPad, too.

When teachers spoke, Edmodo listened to every word,
And worked to show that teachers were heard.
From assignment locking, image scrolling, and more,
Edmodo released new features for its product and store.

From webinars to teacher tips, and becoming available in Chinese,
Edmodo made integrating tech into classrooms a breeze.
When teachers spoke their digital language, students began to thrive.
And let’s not forget: Edmodo turned five!

In lieu of presents, the company wished to make teachers merry,
Make their eyes sparkle and cheeks blush like a cherry.
So there were spotlights, giveaways, and contests, too.
Anything to celebrate all that teachers do.

At Edmodocon, teachers were welcomed with open arms.
With 27,000 from 170 countries registered, they came in swarms.
Awards were given, advice and insight shared.
At 11 hours, it showed how much teachers cared.

As teachers began to stir and awaken from a dream-like state,
They got excited to see that they actually slept past eight.
While deciding whether to get up, or stay in bed,
They began to wonder about the year ahead.

A new semester and set of students were out there waiting.
Once the bell starts ringing, more lessons, quizzes, and grading.
“Stop!” the teachers said among themselves.
“This break is the time to think of ourselves.”

But before the teachers started to go about their days,
Edmodo wanted to give them one last bit of praise.
“Thank you to every educator! We hold you all so dear.
Cheers to a relaxing, peaceful, and happy New Year!”

48 responses to “2013 Year in Review, All in Rhyme (Just for You)”

  1. Nancy Nelson says:

    Someone actually understands me!!!!! Thank you! Edmodo will be on the top of my New Year’s Resolution list! Yes, I should be napping, wrapping or rapping and not tapping my iPad, but I can’t resist spending the morning perusing EDMODO again!

  2. Loi Laing says:

    Oh this is fabulous! Love it! Happy Holidays to the Edmodo crew 🙂

  3. Nancy Currier says:

    AWESOME! (I’m sleeping in right now)

  4. Cfried says:

    Thank you, for providing this medium to engage our students(and other colleagues). I’ve shared the many features of Edmodo this year with many colleagues and my district at large. I have never tired of it in all the years I have used it and I continue to find new ways to use it.

  5. teacherbaker says:

    Thank you, Edmodo, for making education relevant once again for today’s student. Edmodo has made Flipping the classroom the greatest adventure in my long teaching career. Students are engaged and excited about powering up when they come to school. Edmodo is the perfect avenue to make this possible.

  6. Mary Taylor says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL!! This has been “the year of Edmodo” for me. Teaching eight courses simultaneously is possible because Edmodo does what it does so well. THANK YOU!!

  7. Israel Bobe says:

    Edmodo has build bridges to new horizons. I am so great full of all the work you do. May you all have a happy and prosperous Hollidays. Many blessings to all. Love you all my Edmodo Family.

  8. Valerie Mays says:

    Thanks for the poem and for changing the way we teach our students. My students love Edmodo. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

  9. Connie Gauvin says:

    Obviously, Edmodo’s talents are not yet all unveiled –
    As new apps, pages, and web’nars were once just a tale.
    “They listened…They listened” – each teacher decried,
    “Success is at hand!” We all salute-Edmodo did fly!



    😀 😀

  11. Donna Dolan says:

    Thanks Edmodo, for the classroom support, tips and tricks, and the poem!

  12. Izzy Nieves says:

    Thank you for all your help!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  13. Ayman Khlifah says:

    Happy Holidays

  14. Dr. Georgette Lee says:

    Very beautiful poem that captures the spirit of Edmodo. Thank you!

  15. Raphia Maglinao says:

    Cute poem! Thanks for sharing.
    As 2014 teaching resolution – I’ll explore on how to participate with my students
    Happy Holidays!!!

  16. Susan wilder says:

    Nicely Done! Thanks for all you do for teachers.

  17. Mary Moi says:

    Nancy Nelson, you said it perfectly, someone finally understands us. Bless the children, bless us all.

  18. Love, Love, Love the creativity! Kudos to the Edmodo team for showcasing their year in such a fun way! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

  19. Laura Quail says:

    Thanks for a great semester as a new Edmodo user! Happy Holidays from South Dakota.

  20. Alandra Williams says:

    Wonderful rhyme…right on time! : )
    Thanks, Edmodo!

  21. Kimberly Adams says:

    Happy New Year, Edmodians, from North Carolina!
    Thank you for the fantastic new upgrades and ideas! I look forward to serving as a 2014 Edmodo Ambassador!

  22. Debbie Young says:

    Happy New Year! Great rhyme!

  23. Claudia Russo says:

    A lovely rhyme, just so sublime!

  24. Jean Howard says:

    Loved the poem. Great reps serving our school district.

  25. Tina Moore says:

    Awesome rhyme! I’m doing poetry after the break and will have to share !! NEEDING HELP! I am working with 28 LD/ EMD self-contained students with 4 slow computers. Does anyone know of a grant that can be done simply to get some tablets? Very, very few of them have smartphones to do any tech work, so we are very limited in what we can do with technology. Thanks!

  26. Dee Stevens says:

    At Dixon Middle School in Provo we think Edmodo is broken.

    • Hi Dee – We’re sorry to hear that. Our support team would be happy to provide assistance with any issues you are having. You can reach them through the support community on Edmodo or at support [at] edmodo.com

  27. Yvonne Wilson says:

    How Nice!

  28. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    Great poem! I resolve to use Edmodo more in 2014. I think my first set of students on Edmodo three years ago, still use it on their own.

  29. Emma Jordan says:

    It is amazing what we can accomplish when we all work as a team. Thank to all the teachers who have posted on Edmondo.
    Happy New Year in 2014!!!!!!

  30. Sandra says:

    You folks have revolutionized the way I teach. Thanks for bringing excitement back into my job, light into my students eyes, and the joy of learning to all of us. You folks are the best! The poem is a gem I will keep!

  31. Helen Moses says:

    Thank you for an entertaining poem and for the inspiration to utilize technology more. Edmodo rocks our world!!!

  32. Jan says:

    Love the poem, and it’s sooo true! Would like to use Edmodo more, but have trouble finding the time.

  33. Wanda Pennekamp says:

    So cute-great site to share and learn.

  34. Blanca Diaz says:

    Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing. I am a new Edmodo user and I am learning and using the resources from other wonderful teachers. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful 2014!

  35. Loved it, how inspiring.

  36. Thank you edmodo. You made it easy for me to be in touch with my students all the time. What a wonderful educational initiative. Happy new year

  37. Thank you Edmodo for your insightful and delightful poem. As well as, helping connect wonderful minds together so we can share our knowledge. I look forward to 2014.

  38. Alice Myers says:

    Just read the poem, I Love it…

  39. Wonderful poem. I plan to print it out and share it with some of my co-workers.

  40. Emelina Emaas says:

    Very inspiring poem for Edmodo users and encouraging one for those who had not tried out yet.

  41. Linda Carr says:

    Beautifully done!

  42. Fernando Najera says:

    Edmodo crew,
    Happy New Year 2014!

    Your help and platform has improved my classes and projects. Thanks to each one of you.

  43. Maria F. Jacobs says:

    I admire all teachers, they do one of the most valuable jobs in all children’s life!!!

  44. Shelia Richard says:

    Edmodo is great! Thanks for the assistance offered in December and the training.

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