Top 13 of 2013: The Year in Edmodo Apps

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December 30th, 2013

It’s been a year since the Edmodo Store was made available to all US-based teachers, and over the past twelve months, we’ve added more than 500 apps! From interactive educational games, to content creation tools and Common Core apps, there’s something for every grade level and subject area.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Edmodo Store and the end of 2013, check out our top app lists:

Top Free Apps*

1. 100+ Projects & Lessons
2. Class Charts
3. Apps For Common Core
4. Math & ELA Curriculum
5. Common Core Standards
6. Blendspace
7. Subtext
8. Math (LITE)
9. Common Core Mastery
10. Flashcards By Course Hero
11. WhiteBoardGenie
12. Pixton Comic Maker (Trial)
13. NoRedInk

Top Paid Apps*

1. Flashcards by Flatter World
2. A Teacher’s Timer
3. Sticky Notes
4. DOGOnews
5. myHistro
6. Audioboo for Education
7. 50 States & Capitals by Flatter World
8. Animal Cell
9. NetClick Student Response System
10. PowToon
11. Pixton Comic Maker
12. Battle Quiz: Language Arts Common Core Vocabulary
13. Plant Cell

Editor’s Picks

1. eduClipper
2. QuestionPro
3. Storylines Bingo!
4. Les Miserables by StudySync
5. Code Invaders
6. ABC Minsters
7. zondle Common Core Math
8. Snappiness
9. Digital Passport
10. NoRedInk
11. Math & ELA Curriculum
12. StoryLines For Schools
13. NetClick Student Response System

Which Edmodo apps are must-haves for you and your students? Share your favorites in the comments.

* Based on number of installations into existing Edmodo groups

8 responses to “Top 13 of 2013: The Year in Edmodo Apps”

  1. Jim Riley says:

    Some great Edmodo apps listed there. The Zondle Emodo app and Common Core Math app come highly recommended

  2. I have really liked using Instagrok classroom with my classes. I also like GoAnimate but it is quite expensive and somewhat beyond reach because of the cost.

  3. My students utilize the School 21:Algebra app to practice concepts they are struggling with. I really like it as a way to differentiate. Students focus on the concepts they need to practice to prepare for assessments, and I award badges occasionally when students reach different achievement levels. I can easily tell from the dashboard who has mastered what levels.

  4. LottaN says:

    My favourite must be NoRedInk!

  5. Sara Nordlund says:

    My students love !Zondle. I have never seen them so excited about practicing their multiplication facts. It is an easy site to use and the tech support is first rate.

  6. MD says:

    Powtoon is a great one! We have used it at Florida Virtual School for a few of our presentations.

  7. HannahC says:

    I am wondering if the apps are available for download in Canada?

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