Make a Digital Learning Difference February 5

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January 21st, 2014

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digital_learning_day_2014In today’s interconnected world, how students learn is increasingly reliant on digital technology. This means more than having the latest resources and gadgets; it’s fully integrating digital learning into the entire educational experience. To fully prepare students for success in college and their careers, schools and libraries everywhere need to embrace digital learning.

Want to know how you can make an impact? Join us on February 5 and celebrate Digital Learning Day!

How to Participate

Pledge to support Digital Learning and check out the following ways you can get involved:

1. Plan a Digital Learning Day activity

Whether it’s trying a new lesson, creating a video, or hosting a showcase, every activity matters. Here are some ideas to consider and if you’re on Twitter, follow the #DLDay hashtag to discover additional ideas and resources.

2. Take part in an event

Hundreds of celebrations are held on Digital Learning Day. Check out this interactive map to see which events are taking place in your city and state.

3. Encourage other educators to get involved

As an Edmodo educator, you’re already doing great things with technology. Digital Learning Day is a great time to encourage those who are technology-shy to give it a try. Invite a colleague to Edmodo and help them see the great things they can accomplish when technology is used in the classroom.

4. Share a Digital Learning Day activity or resource

Join an Edmodo Community and share an activity or resource to help other educators embrace Digital Learning Day. This is a great way to have your work recognized by those looking for new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

5. Attend Edmodo’s Digital Learning Day meetup in Washington, D.C.

Our free Learning Meetup provides a way for you to meet and mingle with other local educators.  Join us for an evening of sharing and learning—it’s the perfect way to celebrate Digital Learning Day! Register now.

How will you participate? Leave a comment to share your ideas!

8 responses to “Make a Digital Learning Difference February 5”

  1. I spent a few hours last night watching a webinar and browsing Digital Learning Day sites. The ones I took a closer look at were: 1) because it is a community-based after hours/summer technology learning center for city residents that does not cost the family a fortune, and I think our public schools should have after-school, weekend and summer programs for kids. 2) I passed this link on to our PTA president as a suggested family activity to consider. 3) – to make plans for my classes. 4) This is where I began investigating the Feb. 5th day.
    Somehow, I ended up on CodeAcademy and learned a little JavaScript. I posted My Bubble Name that I hope to WOW my 3rd graders with tomorrow and get them involved in CodeAcademy the same way I got some interested in Hour of Code. I am a novice at coding but always looking to keep my class focused in the right direction with Edmodo. I hope to tune into the live broadcasting from DC, but computer lab space is limited so it may be from my IWB. I’ll look for suggestions on Edmodo. Thanks

  2. Abraham says:

    If you provide training and information, we would enjoy hosting a local Edmodo Day on our campus for users thoughout the country to learn and share tips with one another.

  3. Cleva says:

    I will have my students research invention that have changed the world. Then create a video sharing this information to share with the school.

  4. Cleva says:

    Thank you. And it should have been inventions..

  5. Janet Lenards says:

    I will be leading a PD session for the staff at our high school showing teachers how they can use Edmodo in their classrooms and getting them to create an account and join a group.

  6. Mike Epps says:

    Have my kids do a fun, crazy assignment in Photoshop Elements……………

    Mike in NJ

  7. We will be making a video of students that have created a PowerPoint assignment over Demographics of Countries in the Eastern Hemishphere.

  8. Sunu Sara Joshua says:

    Our school has started using edmodo interactive tools for assignments & one-to-one interaction last September 2014. It is an amazing e tool where we see ear learning.

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