Webinar Rewind: Mastering the Standards with Edmodo

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January 28th, 2014

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As teachers, it’s important to find the best model for achieving the curriculum standards you’re trying to meet. In our second Teachers’ Lounge webinar, Edmodo educator Nira Dale discusses how you can use Edmodo for blended learning to help students meet established guidelines.

In her Mastering the Standards with Edmodo webinar, Dale covers three useful strategies you can try in your classroom, including:

  1. Formative Assessment. Using Edmodo quizzes, learn how to recognize where students are struggling so you can immediately address strengths and weaknesses, and help students identify their own.

  2. The Back Channel. Students like to express themselves via digital media. See how you can leverage this to get everyone engaged in a lesson through backchanneling in the Edmodo communication stream.

  3. Peer Publishing and Teaching. Student effort and motivation increase when their audience goes beyond just the teacher. Check out all the great examples Dale has of students creating and publishing their work on Edmodo.

Learn more by watching the recording below, then set a goal to adapt at least one of these strategies in your classroom!

This, and all previous Teachers’ Lounge webinars, can aso be found on our Help Center.

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