Edmodo Apps Now Optimized for iPad

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February 10th, 2014

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The new Edmodo iPad appSince more mobile devices are being used in the classroom than ever before, we’ve updated our iPad app to create a mobile-friendly app experience for you and your students. We’ve also asked our partners to update their apps.

Now, when you browse the Edmodo Store with Edmodo for iPad, you’ll see that many apps have been optimized for iPad and iPad mini. Essentially, this means these apps are enhanced for touch, drag-and-drop, and screen sizing in both landscape and portrait views.

Currently there are 50+ apps available for use on Edmodo’s native iPad app, with more coming soon! If you have these apps currently installed on Edmodo.com, you’ll now be able to access them on Edmodo’s native iPad app. Simply log out of your account and sign back in to use them.

New to Edmodo for iPad? Here are a few apps for you to explore:

FluidTimes Table
Grade Level: Elementary  |  Subject Area: Math
Two skills, one app! Students learn the times table while practicing writing their numbers correctly and legibly.

Grade Level: All  |  Subject Area: Language Arts
Make customized content personal. NoRedInk helps students improve their grammar and writing skills using their interests like favorite celebrities and friends’ names.

Naiku Quick Question
Grade Level: All  |  Subject Area: Computer Technology
This classroom response app runs off your iPad and acts as a “virtual clicker,” providing instant feedback and allowing you to increase student engagement. You can drill down on reports for individual students, or take a step back and view the entire classroom’s performance.

Do you have a favorite app you use with Edmodo on the iPad? Please share it in the comments section below. For the full list of iPad-compatible apps available through Edmodo, visit our Help Center.

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2 responses to “Edmodo Apps Now Optimized for iPad”

  1. Premanand says:

    Congratulations…you’re leading the pack. Hope that you’ll continue to lead. Go Edmodo Go!!!

  2. Sara Nordlund says:

    My favorite Edmodo app is Zondle. The creators offer great tech support and this app is the one my students always ask to use. They even ask to come in before school so they can practice their math facts!

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