Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part One

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March 21st, 2014

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In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you.


You already trust Edmodo as the safe, secure way to connect your classroom and students with technology. Did you know it’s also a great place to meet and empower other educators?

Designed to further K-12 education around the world, Edmodo is also dedicated to the professional development of its teachers. With over 33 million members, it’s the perfect place to expand your network and take charge of your professional growth.

Step 1: Connect and Collaborate
Whether you invite a new teacher on board, or accept someone’s connection request, you can use Edmodo to build one-on-one relationships with teachers locally and globally. Start within your school, then reach out to others in your district, state, country, or subject matter.

Once you’re connected, getting help is as easy as asking for it. Need ideas for in-classroom activities? Want feedback on a lesson plan? Looking to create co-teaching and cross-classroom learning opportunities? Edmodo gives you direct access to resources and recommendations for everything from apps, communities, worksheets, and more—straight from those who’ve been where you are and can help you get to where you want to go.

“Throughout the district, I train educators on great ways to collaborate and share ideas. Edmodo is a perfect resource for this initiative. Many teachers throughout the county are using Edmodo to collaborate on homework assignments, share the newest and best App, or share how to use a program.” – Melissa Lander, Palm Beach County

Ready to connect and collaborate on Edmodo? Invite fellow teachers to your network today. Getting started can be as simple as reaching out to the teacher featured in this blog post!

How do you get connected Edmodo? Share in the comments section below, or search for new ways on our Help Center.

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