Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part Two

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March 24th, 2014

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In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you.

PowerOfOneNo one can understand your everyday challenges or celebrate your milestones like another teacher. With more educators on our network than any other place in the world, imagine how much more support and recognition you’ll get when you introduce your peers to Edmodo.

Step 2: Invite and Mentor
Want to stay in touch with a past colleague? Is a new teacher starting at your school? Make new friends at a meetup or conference? Become their thought leader by inviting them to Edmodo, helping them get set up, and showing them all the ways it can benefit their classrooms and their careers. Our new invite feature makes it easy to pay it forward and expand the community of sharing where educators can continue to inspire and learn from each other.

“My enthusiasm for Edmodo must be contagious because one of my teachers and all of her learners have joined as well. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to be part of their online journey as they discover all of the wonderful features Edmodo has to offer! ” – Erin Abner, James Simons Elementary School

Ready to mentor or be mentored on Edmodo? Introduce yourself to someone today! It can be as easy as reaching out to the teacher featured in this blog post.

Have you helped someone get started on Edmodo? Share in the comments section below, or search for new ways on our Help Center.

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