Tips & Tricks: Powering Up Your Edmodo Network, Part Three

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March 25th, 2014

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In this three-part blog series, discover three ways you can use Edmodo to build connections, supercharge your own education, and make the most of our community of sharing, powered by you.

Evergreen VisualizationCommunities are built on the relationships between its individuals and the strength of your connections is illustrated every day on Edmodo. Every time you invite someone to join, you can explore the community even further by checking out your connections’ connections and discover all the ideas and resources being shared when you browse Topics or follow Subject Communities.

Step 3: Follow and Foster
Want to connect your Spanish class to a classroom in Spain? Looking for Earth Day ideas for various grade levels and subject areas? Wonder how to gamify your lesson plans? Get and stay connected and join teacher-created groups to continually uncover new ways to keep students motivated and engaged. When you speak their digital language, it’s easier to demonstrate good digital citizenship; skills they can carry beyond your classroom and into their everyday lives.

“[There is a] new 4th grade math teacher on my campus and my bilingual students from last year are in his classroom. They are experienced Edmodo members so they are paving the way for other students in his class as well as their teacher.” – Martha Lackey, J. A. Vitovsky Elementary

Ready to follow and foster on Edmodo? Invite fellow teachers into the fold today! You can start by sending connection requests to the educators featured in this three-part blog series.

How do you discover resources on Edmodo? Share in the comments section below, or search for new ways on our Help Center.


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