Your 2014 End of School Year Checklist

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May 23rd, 2014

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School’s almost out for summer! To help you organize this past school year and prepare for the next one, we pulled together an end of year checklist for all the ways you use Edmodo.

Following are some tips and tricks for the features you use most. The best part? These ensure you and your students can use your existing Edmodo accounts year after year!

Organize Your Groups

  • Archiving. Once your classes are finished and grades are finalized, we recommend you archive your old groups. This saves the groups’ assignments and grades, and prevents any new posts from being made.
  • Group Names. If you want to reuse the name of a Group next year, be sure to rename the existing Group before archiving it. A name can only be assigned to one Group at a time, regardless of whether the Group is active or archived.
  • New Groups. When the next school year comes around, you can create new groups for your new students. Keep in mind group codes automatically lock after 14 days; however, you can always reset the code, or simply use the Join URL when you’re ready to add students.

Manage Post Activity

  • If your time on Edmodo will be limited over the summer (you’re on vacation, after all), but you want to leave your groups active, you can set your students to read-only, or personally moderate all posts. This ensures you stay in full control of any groups not being archived.
  • Wondering how to delete posts from old groups? It’s not necessary (or possible) to remove posts from your stream when archiving groups. However, when you create new groups and posts for those begin to appear, old posts will move down the page, and eventually disappear.

Export Your Gradebook

  • Although grades get archived along with your groups, we recommend exporting your gradebook as a backup beforehand. This saves your gradebook as a .CSV file, which you can also import into other grading programs.
  • Have the same class with the same students, but in a different semester? If you want to start fresh and only track grades for the current semester, you’ll need to create a new Group to get a new gradebook.

Re-Use Assignments and Quizzes

  • Want to reuse assignments and quizzes next semester? You can load previously created assignments and quizzes from your archived groups, and assign them to the new ones you create when school’s back in session.

Build Your Network

The last item on the checklist? Enjoying your summer! Grab those flip flops, a beach towel, and take a well-deserved break. We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

To learn more about your Edmodo account, visit our Help Center or post your questions, ideas, and feedback to our Support Community. Our award-winning team isavailable 24/7.

5 responses to “Your 2014 End of School Year Checklist”

  1. Tammy Leabch says:

    I don’t need or want to keep anything from my edmodo groups for this year, but I do want to use the same names for my groups next year. Is there a way to just end or drop groups without archiving?

    • Homer says:

      One way is to remove all previous students from the group, change the name in group settings, and delete all assignments individually. I completed the task for all of my classes. Also, do not forget to reset the code.

  2. RobinLK says:

    Great tips! You’ve included the things I do each June – all in one place. Now I can share with fellow teachers – at school and on my blog. Thanks, Elena! Have a great summer! …. Robin

  3. Giulia says:

    I can’t archive them. Leave my lessons where they are, please. It took a lot of time to organise it

  4. I am using Edmodo for PD this summer, PLEASE do not do anything with my files. I will clean everything up in Late August.

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