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June 2nd, 2014

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To build connections between classrooms and successful, growing business leaders, Founders4Schools has launched a community on Edmodo. Based in the UK, Founders4Schools provides teachers with a quick and easy way to create events that inspire students to consider business and entrepreneurship as a high impact career choice. At each event, high quality, inspiring local founders tell their personal journeys of how they came to choose entrepreneurship as a career and why they believe it to be a highly impactful choice.

Showcasing real world examples of successful founders is more important than ever. Over 50% of jobs in the UK are created by 6% of companies; small, high growth companies started by entrepreneurs. Through Founders4Schools events, students can learn from role models who have started and grown businesses, and discover what skills they need to be a part of a company shaping our future.

A great fit for students at all levels of primary and secondary school, the Founders4Schools community on Edmodo:

  • Links to curriculum topics including careers in education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education)
  • Provides teachers with a way to enhance their CPD
  • Increases student interest in STEM. Teachers who held Founders4Schools events have seen the number of students interested in studying STEM triple.

Recommended by 100% of the teachers who have used the Founders4Schools service, here are some ways to get your students thinking about their future:

  1. Join the Founders4Schools community on Edmodo and watch the “F4S talks” showcasing successful entrepreneurs at teacher-run events around the UK
  2. Visit the F4S website and create your own event (in less time than it takes to make coffee!) to take place before the end of summer term
  3. Create an Edmodo group for F4S before your event, so your students can ask questions related to careers, entrepreneurship, STEM, and more. F4S will even join in the conversation!
  4. Stay tuned for additional information and activities, and provide follow up programming and events for your students

How do you get your students excited about their career options? Share in the comments section below, or in our Edmodo Communities.

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