Calling All Aspiring Edmodo Ambassadors

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June 30th, 2014

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Are you passionate about changing the world of education through ed­tech? Do you have a special place in your heart for Edmodo? Are you an early adopter when it comes to the latest classroom tools and practices? If you answered yes to these questions, are looking for way to inspire other educators, and want to prepare students for success in the 21st Century, you’re the perfect candidate for our Edmodo Ambassador program.

Who are the Edmodo Ambassadors?
Edmodo Ambassadors are K-12 educators who support and inspire others in their use of ed­tech and Edmodo. They spread the Edmodo love throughout their networks and partner with the Edmodo team to help other educators become power edtech users.

What does an Edmodo Ambassador do?
Ambassadors are the heart of Edmodo, our biggest cheerleaders, and trusted advocates. As an Edmodo Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Monitor Edmodo Communities. Answer questions, provide tips, and share ideas for using edtech and Edmodo in the classroom.
  • Provide Product Feedback. Get early access to new features and share your observations and suggestions directly with Edmodo.
  • Contribute to Quality Assurance. Flag technical issues you come across so our engineers are aware and can investigate.
  • Connect on Social Media. Drive the conversation about edtech and Edmodo, including our regular #EdmodoChat on Twitter.
  • Oversee Localization. Grow Edmodo usage in your country by translating the site, attending regional conferences, and sharing your edtech experience.
  • Join an Edmodo Ambassador PLC. Connect with fellow Ambassadors and our Support team to share learning and stay up-to-date on Edmodo and edtech.
  • Become an Edmodo Certified Trainer (ECT.) Apply for the ECT Program and participate in the train-the-trainer course offered exclusively to Ambassadors. As an ECT, you provide formal Edmodo Professional Development to teachers in your local area and gain access to additional recognition and perks.

Are there any perks to becoming an Edmodo Ambassador?
When you become an Edmodo Ambassador, you’ll enjoy several benefits (extra credit, if you will) on Edmodo and beyond, including:

  • An official “Ambassador” stamp next to your name on Edmodo. Everywhere and anytime you post, teachers will know they’re dealing with an Edmodo VIP!
  • Exclusive membership in a Professional Learning Community full of your peers.
  • Shout outs from Edmodo in our Ambassador group, on the Edmodo blog, in our email newsletters, and more.
  • Edmodo swag packs filled with goodies for your closet and classroom.

Sounds great! How do I get involved?
Please Note: The application period is now closed. If you’d like to be notified when the application becomes available again, please add your information here. Thank you for your interest in the Edmodo Ambassador Program!

Already an Edmodo Ambassador? Share your experience in the comments section below!

19 responses to “Calling All Aspiring Edmodo Ambassadors”

  1. Maureen Su says:

    I set up an E-Team this academic year and have helped to raise the profile of Edmodo within our school community. I would like to gain further training with Edmodo and would look forward to becoming an Edmodo Ambassador.
    Maureen Su

  2. Jill Adams says:

    I’d love to !!!

    I’m evangelical about Edmodo in my own school.
    I’d love the opportunity to speak about it in the wider community.


  3. Samah hamdan salem says:

    I hope to be ambassador

  4. Terri Grimes says:

    I am interested but I am not very good at EDMODO so I would need to study your tutorials. Thank you.

  5. Scott Meile says:

    As a long time user of Edmodo it has become an essential tool in my classroom and we have become a completely digital classroom dedicated to preparing students for a 21st century learning environment, that assists students in learning tomorrow’s skills. Students are challenged on a daily basis and provide intelligent feedback, 21st century higher order thinking skills, and constant discussion regarding content and analysis on Edmodo. Our class and myself would love to take the next step in ‘learning’ and begin to help others in reaching the successes we have reached and finding a higher ceiling that may be out there.

    • Sophia (Edmodo Support) says:

      Hi Scott. That’s wonderful to hear how Edmodo has become an essential tool in your classroom! We would love to have you apply for the Ambassador Program 🙂

  6. Have presented on your site at state education conferences as well as at high school sites.

  7. Edward Ulloa says:

    I have a year waiting for this opportunity to become Edmodo ambassador and continue sharing this beautiful tool with teachers in my country.

    Greetings from Dominican Republic!!!

  8. I have been a member of edmodo since 2013. But Mr.Heath Silverman”s presentation in Microsoft in education Global Forum -2014 consolidated my belief that edmodo can make a difference in learning and teaching. I have already approach our Administration to let the students to join edmodo. The administration agrees that the students of 2014-15 session will be officially notified to join edmodo. As the first edmodo user in school, I want to promote edmodo in my country. I am passionate about edmodo and my interest in using edmodo inspire me to apply for an edmodo ambassador.

  9. Molly Clark says:

    I have applied to be an Edmodo Ambassador, but while I was watching the video as part of question 1 in quiz 1 in module 4 I was interrupted and by the time I returned, the quiz time was up. Is there any way to reset the quiz for me? Please? I began using edmodo in 2010, and I would love to be an ambassador!
    Thank you!

    • Sophia (Edmodo Support) says:

      Hi Molly. Apologies for the delayed response! I’ve reset that quiz for you, so you should now be able to retake it. If you have any further trouble with this, please email – with subject line @Sopha- and I’ll be happy to help get this resolved. Excited to have you in the Ambassador Application group!

  10. Viviene Tuckerman says:

    I have been an Edmodo Ambassador for over a year now and have loved the opportunities it has given me to help kick off programs like #edmodochat and to be a part of the awesome Ambassador community. I try to encourage and help other Australians to get involved and have presented on Edmodo at NSW conferences, including Sydney, Dubbo, Bathurst, Kelso and Lithgow. I love to encourage other teachers to connect globally and use Edmodo to help their students to connect with overseas classes. The Ambassadors are a brilliant bunch of educators and I am so proud and honoured to be part of the team.

  11. Rella says:

    Buenos días a todos, me registre para embajadores y mi consulta es si hay una forma de ver la información en español, hay partes que puedo copiar y poner el traductor. Me gustaria aplicar las pruebas y no dejar pasar esta oportunidad. Gracias por su atención

  12. This year has certainly been an Edmodo adventure. Without hesitation I can say that Edmodo has improved my students results. We jumped in with both feet and moved the entire IT course onto Edmodo and never looked back. I now instruct my colleagues on the use of Edmodo and promote it’s use whenever I meet up with non-users. The next twelve months I look forward to exploring and using the more advanced features of Edmodo.

  13. Melissa Connors says:

    I have been using edmodo for nearly two years now. I was reseaching how to flip my classroom to motivate students from low SES backgrounds when I discovered it. It was such a revalation to me after returning to teaching full time after having kids. At my current central school near Tamworth in NSW Australia I introduced Edmodo to all the secondary staff and even some of the primary have asked me to train them. I want to become an ambassador so I can better support this amazing interface in this regional area. I want to show our county kids the world using Edmodo

  14. Jillian Palmatier says:

    This school year will be my third year teaching at a digital conversion school in Florida. My students and I are on a 1:1 ratio with iPads. We use Edmodo on a daily basis and in every subject area. This summer, I am training teachers on Edmodo that are entering the digital world for the first time. When I was first trained on Edmodo, I thought I would not be able to use it because I taught first grade. I would love the opportunity to share with other teachers how Edmodo can completely transform their classroom at any grade level. Becoming an ambassador is the next step in my journey with Edmodo. I hope to be considered for this wonderful opportunity!

  15. Danica Botts says:

    I just saw this invitation in my work email. , I haven’t been checking my work email over the summer. I’m a day late can I still sign up?

  16. Nelson Guato says:

    Saludos cordiales, considero que la educación debe estar a la vanguardia de la tecnología, y ha EDMODO lo considero una manera interactiva del proceso enseñaza-aprendizaje. Y sobre todo considero una manera mas cercana de enseñar a mis estudiantes de la carrera de psicología.
    Y le apuesto a contribuir a la promoción de EDMODO en mi contexto de educación superior… Gracias…

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