EdmodoCon 2014 Speakers Revealed

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July 1st, 2014

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EdmodoCon_blog_image (1)We’re excited to announce this year’s presenters for EdmodoCon 2014! Each educator is putting together their best ideas on how you can use technology to supercharge your classroom for the new school year. And as an added bonus, we’re adding a closing keynote to this year’s event.

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Opening Keynote
Presented by Nic Borg
Edmodo Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Nic Borg, will kick off EdmodoCon with a look at where Edmodo is today, and what’s in store for the 2014-2015 school year.

Edmodo That! Unique Ways to Connect and Learn
Presented by Monique Dalli and Jessica McCarthy
Like an onion, there are many layers to Edmodo. From developing strong professional learning communities, to integrating technology in the visual arts classroom, come discover all the layers of Edmodo and the unique ways to use it with students, parents, and colleagues.

Redefining Learning with Limited Tech
Presented by Sheryl Place
Technology can redefine the way you meet your students’ needs. Even with limited access, discover how to create an engaging online environment and integrate educational apps, through one teacher’s story of success with ESOL students.

Teaching Mythology with Technology: Engaging Students in CCSS
Presented by Steve Johnson
Discover how Edmodo Snapshot can help you conduct quick formative assessments to shape your lesson plans and engage students in their own learning. In this session, participants will go through a Language Arts instructional unit on Mythology from beginning to end, and see how Edmodo can provide the infrastructure to manage workflow, communicate, and assess what students have created and learned.

Moving Beyond the Classroom Walls: Connecting Globally Through Storytelling
Presented by Stacy Lynn Fritz
In today’s world, the “classroom next door” could be halfway around the world. Discover how teachers in Michigan and Taiwan brought their students together to author and illustrate stories, develop English Language skills, and create a cross-cultural community.

From Tech Illiterate to Tech Savvy: How to Foster Non-Cognitive Skills in Edmodo
Presented by Valerie (Shull) Knauer
In addition to building their intellect, strengthen student character and kindness through Edmodo. Using legends from various Native American tribes, see how easy it is for even a self-professed, “tech illiterate” teacher to start conversations about gossip, bullying, compassion, self-awareness, and more.

“Leveling Up” Student Writing With Badges
Presented by Nathan Garvin
As students participate in the writing process, they often develop and master essay-writing skills in a non-linear fashion. Digital badges are a great way to engage and motivate students in any classroom. Discover how you can use Edmodo Badges and Google Drive to recognize achievement and support students at their own pace.

So You Think You Know Your Students? Using Videos, Polls, and Reflective Response to Inform Instruction
Presented by Robert Miller
Leveraging multiple means of online assessment can save time and direct your instruction with ease. Offering an array of tools, Edmodo allows students to be creative, reflective, and analytical. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your instruction through images, videos, polls, and discussions.

Solving D3: Data-Driven, Differentiated Instruction
Presented by Beatrice Lopez
Developing lesson plans and creating student groups is easy when you know where students stand. Based on examples from a Math classroom, learn how to manage frequent, formative assessment, retrieve and manage data, and use the results to create personalized learning opportunities in any content area for your students.

Creating a Diverse, College- and Career-Ready Tech Culture
Presented by James Garner and Rachel Stokes
Using real-world examples from an inter-state activity between classes in Arkansas and South Carolina, find out how you can create a cross-cultural learning community that will prepare your students for college and their careers. Learn how to manage collaborative planning, shape instruction and assessment, and avoid possible pitfalls and obstacles.

Building and Spreading the Edmodo Wildfire
Presented by Shellie Carson and Deanna Menchaca
A strong learning community is where all stakeholders: teachers, students, and parents, can communicate and collaborate. See how one school’s Tech Camp got students engaged through self-paced, project-based activities, and used Edmodo to create a connected school community, where everyone can be involved.

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