How to Host an EdmodoCon 2014 Viewing Party

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July 9th, 2014

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Being a teacher, you know the value of learning in groups—and we all agree it’s more fun, too. So how about turning professional development into a party? An EdmodoCon viewing party!

With EdmodoCon in just four short weeks, it’s time to start planning with your fellow teachers and colleagues to get the most out of the education professional development event of the year. Following are some tips for hosting an EdmodoCon 2014 viewing party; don’t forget to keep those eyes and ears peeled for a chance at winning some viewing party giveaways!

Getting Organized

  • Invite your colleagues to attend this year’s event. We recommend that everyone registers separately so individuals can get personal EdmodoCon updates and a certificate of participation.
  • Register your group to tell us about your party. To get the most out of EdmodoCon, all group members should have Edmodo teacher accounts and follow the EdmodoCon Community.
  • Break into those back-to-school supplies a bit early and gather materials such as pens, notebooks, flipcharts, and snacks.
  • Get together on August 6, between 7:00 am PDT and 6:00 pm PDT, and join us online for an exciting day of learning with Edmodo users and educators. (You have to admit you kind of miss your fellow teachers this far into the summer.)

Fun Food Ideas

  • Brown bag it. For something quick and easy, have your guests bring their own lunches. There may even be some trading that happens.
  • Pot luck. Ask each guest to bring a dish to share. If you’re feeling ambitious, choose a  theme or region for your menu.
  • Order in. Have sandwiches and sides delivered from a local deli, get Chinese to create your own buffet, or call for pizza and salads. It’s nice to treat yourself every so often.

During EdmodoCon

  • Use the EdmodoCon Community to interact with other EdmodoCon attendees.
  • Keep a running list of questions to ask in the chat feature of the live stream platform.
  • Stretch or take a brisk group walk during session breaks.
  • Stay hydrated and eat small meals to keep your energy level up. Nourished bodies lead to nourished minds.
  • Listen closely throughout the sessions for opportunities to win prizes. During the event, follow the EdmodoCon Community and @Edmodo on Twitter to learn about opportunities to win Edmodo prizes!

We can’t wait to welcome you to EdmodoCon on August 6 for an online day of learning and sharing ideas for using technology and Edmodo in education. If you attended an EdmodoCon viewing party last year, we’d love to hear your success stories in the comments section below—or the clever things you have up your sleeve for this year!


27 responses to “How to Host an EdmodoCon 2014 Viewing Party”

  1. Pat M says:

    So sad, this is the third day of school for me. Will try to log in doing lunch and planning!

  2. Cassandra says:

    This will be out 1st full week of school, but with having lots of new teachers coming on board, I think that I’ll have a viewing party for a couple of hours after school.

  3. Lee McFatridge says:

    Is there a way to get recorded feed? This is our first day back with students…but we could do a couple of evenings after the fact.

  4. María Marrero says:

    I never use Edmodo, I want to be for learn about. Thanks!

  5. Jane MacKenzie-Hoskyn says:

    We will be joining briefly in Cape Town at 16:00 (07:00 PDT) before our 18:30 duties at our production of the musical, Fame 🙁

  6. Vonda B says:

    Do we have to be online from 7 AM til 6 PM? How long is the actual training? Do we all have to be at one locaton?

  7. Kim I says:

    This is our first day – hope that there will be links to content that I will miss!

  8. Donna L says:

    Same here. Perhaps next year this event could be planned for the end of July. More and more schools are starting earlier and earlier.

  9. nm says:

    want to join but its the 8th day of school with students!

  10. Blanca H. says:

    I will be at AVID training. Will there be another date for this event? Would love to participate!

  11. Katie Donohoue says:

    7am to 6pm is too long. Can we view this in parts on different days?

  12. Missy Carl says:

    This is a huge time commitment. Is it possible to watch during certain times? (Maybe an agenda)

  13. pat miller says:

    Anyone answering these questions?

  14. Katy says:

    Bummed that this is smack dab in the middle our our PD/planning week. But I’ll definitely spread the word.

  15. PJ says:

    I look forward to experiencing edmodocon, however we are also back but have training on the 6th. Is there a way to access the sessions afterwards.

  16. Arlene says:

    I can’t wait!

  17. Navas says:

    Sounds marvelous, unfortunately I’ll be at an all day PD. I look forward to the recordings. Maybe I’ll host a recorded viewing.

  18. Tiffany says:

    I’m looking forward to this!!!

  19. Helen Sedillo says:

    This may be the day we may have to be in my classroom. I hope I’ll be able to tune in!

  20. Emily Burk says:

    Hey anyone hosting a viewing party? If so, how are you setting up? I was thinking of sending an email invite for teachers to meet up in one of the computer labs at school. Our teachers don’t have devices and most don’t have Edmodo accounts, so this will give them time to log on, get registered and to join whatever groups I’ve created. I’m assuming this conference is like a webinar, so I was just going to hook my computer up to the Smart Promethean board we have in the lab then go from there.

    Any suggestions or tips??? Anyone ever done this before? I’m kind of nervous inviting ppl…especially not knowing if connections could get messed up, etc.

  21. Emily Burk says:

    I am trying to get a viewing party organized. I went ahead and registered a group. I haven’t actually created the group within my account that I registered. Do I need to do this and have all ppl attending join it OR do they just need to join the EdmodoCon community and session groups that they plan to attend. Our district doesn’t have a “district group” because there aren’t a whole lot of ppl who use Edmodo.

  22. Njeri Abdul-Mumit says:

    What time will it start in Saudi?

  23. Ngozi 'OZ' Mensah says:

    Been using Edmodo for past two years. want to increase use with students. Looking forward to the day!

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