Meet Sheryl Place, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker

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July 14th, 2014

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As we begin the countdown to EdmodoCon on August 6, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect by introducing you to who will be presenting. Come meet our edtech experts, plan your viewing party, and if you haven’t already, register to attend!


Sheryl Place
SheryPlace_273x268Redefining Learning with Limited Tech
Wednesday, August 6, 10:30 am–11:15 am PDT

Sheryl Place is a veteran instructor currently teaching English Language Learners of all levels in Miami, Florida. Not only is she a face-to-face instructor, she’s also involved in school and district professional development, mentoring, curriculum development, and serves as a virtual school facilitator. Sheryl brings an extensive amount of certified Edmodo training to the podium, as she is an Edmodo Support Ambassador (ESA) and just completed the Edmodo Certified Trainer (ECT) program in December of 2013. Adding another feather in her cap, Sheryl was appointed to serve on the inaugural Teacher Advisory Group (Tag) for the National Council on Teacher Quality.

In her morning session, Redefining Learning with Limited Tech, Sheryl will discuss how she creates an engaging online environment in her English as a Second Language Classroom, even with limited access to technology.

When asked why she wanted to present at EdmodoCon, Sheryl replied, “I’m always looking to challenge myself and make myself a better teacher, just as I always push my students to take risks and be the best students they can be. So when I saw the call for presenters for EdmodoCon 2014, even though this was way outside my comfort zone, I thought, ‘Why not?’  Then to be chosen as a finalist, and finally a presenter, was truly joyful. I always tell my students take the step off the edge of the cliff and I will help you soar. The colleagues I have connected with via Edmodo have done just that for me.”

Sheryl’s favorite Edmodo feature is collaborating with others—whether it’s students or professionals. She uses the word “ecstatic” to describe how she feels about the connections she’s made with others outside the classroom.

4 responses to “Meet Sheryl Place, EdmodoCon 2014 Speaker”

  1. Dagame O. Bohol says:

    I will not miss this opportunity to learn new things specially with the use of technology in the classroom. Good luck to you in advance:)

  2. Sheila Place says:

    what a nice article, so proud of you

  3. Deena Miller says:

    Wow Sheryl- nicely done! Congrats! I did sign up to be there on Aug. 6!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer! Sounds like you are running with passion! Send some of that passion for running this way! Keep it up girl! Miss ya and think of you and Zach often!! 🙂

  4. daniel says:

    hope you have a good summer thx!

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