5 Ways to Prep for EdmodoCon 2014 on August 6

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August 4th, 2014

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EdmodoCon 2014 is only two days away! We know how you love to plan ahead, so here’s a short to-do list to get you ready for the virtual, all-day event. Just don’t forget that EdmodoCon is THIS Wednesday, August 6, from 7:00 am–6:00 pm PDT!

  1. Download the starter kit. A handy-dandy guide that will make sure you’re prepped, technologically and socially.
  2. Become part of the EdmodoCon Community. Get real-time updates for the event, participate in pre-show discussions, and more.
  3. Review the speaker schedule. Check out our edtech experts and add your favorite sessions to your calendar.
  4. Join Session Groups. Access presentation materials, connect with other educators, and share ideas after EdmodoCon.
  5. Organize a viewing party. Watch, learn, and collaborate with your colleagues for a chance to win cool swag.

Still have questions? Check out our EdmodoCon 2014 FAQs:

When is EdmodoCon 2014?
This year, EdmodoCon is Wednesday, August 6, from 7:00 am–6:00 pm PDT. Since EdmodoCon is a virtual conference, you can come and go as you please throughout the day.

Can I test my system to make sure my computer can stream EdmodoCon?
Yes, we recommend testing your system to ensure it meets the minimum technical requirements before the big day. You can do so at http://event.on24.com/view/help/ehelp.html.

Who will be speaking at EdmodoCon 2014?
EdmodoCon is all about teachers teaching teachers. Go to EdmodoCon.com and click the “Speakers” link to see a full list of the teacher-speakers!

How do I join the presenters’ groups on Edmodo?
You can join any and all presenters’ Groups with Group Join URLs, which are available on our Help Center and in the EdmodoCon Community. You’ll be added to the Group once your request to join is approved. This may take up to 5 minutes.

I don’t want to receive Edmodo email or text notifications for EdmodoCon groups I’ve joined. How do I temporarily turn these off?
To temporarily turn off notifications on your Edmodo account:

  1. Click the “Down Arrow” icon located at the top right of your account
  2. Select “Settings” from the drop down menu
  3. Choose “Email and Text Updates”
  4. Uncheck the boxes for the notifications you wish to temporarily disable

How do I follow the EdmodoCon Community?
You can join the EdmodoCon Community on Edmodo by:

  1. Logging in to your Edmodo account
  2. Typing “EdmodoCon” in the search bar at the top
  3. Selecting the EdmodoCon community
  4. Clicking the “Follow” button at the top right corner.

Will EdmodoCon recordings be made available?
Yes, following the conference, recordings will be available at EdmodoCon.com. Subscribe to our blog to get real-time updates about the recordings and all things Edmodo.

Will I get a certificate after participating in EdmodoCon?
Yes, a certificate will be available for download at EdmodoCon.com.

Will I get an Edmodo badge for participating?
Yes. Please note that in order to receive your badge, you must register for EdmodoCon with the email address associated with your Edmodo account and log in during the event.

To learn more about adjusting your account settings, visit our Help Center.

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