Get Your EdmodoCon 2014 Recordings, Certificate, and More

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August 13th, 2014

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Want to keep the inspiring momentum of EdmodoCon going? Now you can:

  • Download your Certificate of Attendance. Show off your participation to all your colleagues. You gathered a lot of great ideas during our day of professional development  and here’s your proof!
  • Display your EdmodoCon 2014 Badge. Check out your Edmodo Profile for our exclusive attendee-only Badge and tell everyone you participated alongside our global community of educators.
  • Give us your feedback. What did you think about EdmodoCon? Tell us what you loved (or what could use some work) and give us some insight into what kind of event you’d like to see next year.

While you’re at it, join us in giving a round of applause to this year’s Edmodie Awards winners—the educators, partners, schools, and districts using Edmodo in extraordinary ways:

District of the Year
Charleston County School District

Ambassador of the Year
Bobby Brian Lewis
Huntington Middle School
Warner Robins, GA

Edmodians of the Year
Brandy Cabe
Spring Woods High School
Houston, TX

José Faginas
Escuela Técnica Nº 28: “República Francesa”
Buenos Aires, Argentina

George Michailidis
Achillopoulios School
Thesprotia,  Greece

Supasith Nampoch
Srinakharinwirot University
Bangkok, Thailand

James Pollock
Teesside High School
Eaglescliffe, United Kingdom

Philip Tan
Shepparton Christian College
Shepparton, Australia


Want to know what other educators took away from EdmodoCon? Search #EdmodoCon on Twitter to see top Tweets, connect with other attendees, and participate in post-show discussions.

Finally, congratulations on completing a great day of professional development! We look forward to seeing you online for EdmodoCon 2015.

6 responses to “Get Your EdmodoCon 2014 Recordings, Certificate, and More”

  1. Michelle Contee says:

    I attended EdmodoCon but I didn’t get my badge yet.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Is there any way to get your name printed on the certificate with the number of hours? Since we had to log in to watch the conference, you should have a record of sessions participated in and number of hours training completed. This would work better for most of us needing to show these to administration.

  3. Vanna Thy says:

    Thank you very much the EdmodoCon 2014 organizers and sponsors. I received the certificate of attendance, EdmodoCon 2014 Badge and this year session recording. I love them and keep them as reference. Vanna (Cambodia)

  4. Victoria Troncoso says:

    I’d participated in Edmodocon, but I haven’t my badge. How can I have it? Thanks from Spain:)

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