Top 5 Things You Missed About School

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August 19th, 2014

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From school supply sales, to the number of Edmodo accounts being awoken from their summer slumber, and the sudden increase in traffic during our morning commute, it’s official: back-to-school season is here!

While you were enjoying the good ol’ days of summer, we wondered what things you secretly missed about being in school. We asked, you answered, and here are the not-so-secret results:

5. There was a nine-way tie (!) for this slot.

Of all the responses you submitted, our favorite has to be “ice machine.” Some other gems competing for this position:

  • Mac and cheese Thursdays
  • Staff lounge goodies
  • Cupcakes (we’re sensing a theme here…)
  • “The relative quietness of high school,” said a teacher with three little ones.

4. Exchange of ideas.

Whether getting the perspective of your fellow educators, or introducing students to new concepts, you longed for the “the humming chatter” that comes with kids discussing and working on something until “BAM! The light comes on.” Simply “seeing the light bulb” flicker makes your day brighter.

3. Friends.

BFFs are the best, aren’t they? You missed the face-to-face of “talking to friends” and “interactions with other teachers and students.” From a classroom visit to “eating lunch with [your] team of teachers every day,” the lack of “socializing,” “chit chat,” and “funny staff stories” left you with some summertime blues.

2. Daily structure.

Forget about sleeping in or lazing about in the summer sun; you missed “the routine” that your classroom provided and the predictability of “things changing all the time.” Whether you’re planning lessons or grading homework, you just missed “being busy” because you’ve “been too lazy” and are “not so good with relaxing!”

1. Your students.

By an overwhelming landslide, it wasn’t what you missed, it was whom: your students. “Believe it or not, I actually miss getting up at 4:00 am to check my Edmodo messages from my students.” They may say some “crazy things” on occasion, but their humor, “energy that meets academic passion with academic passion,” and “hugs” had you looking forward to the end of summer.

What’s on your the list? Share what you missed most in the comments below!

One response to “Top 5 Things You Missed About School”

  1. Premanand says:

    Exchange of ideas

    The buzz and the enthusiasm when a project work is given. Points and counterpoints to make the project as successful can be. And then, the Aha!!! moment when it is completed on time.

    Yeah, my students will all be back!!!!

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