Design New Ways to Spark Student Creativity With Tackk

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August 21st, 2014

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HarveyProfileAside from being a teacher for five years for the School District of Philadelphia, most recently at Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade, I’m a husband, father, veteran, coach, and Scout Leader. On a flight from Philadelphia to Florida, I saw an advertorial in my in-flight magazine for Tackk, a free way to create web pages using photos, video, buttons, maps, media, and other digital resources.

Because there’s no off switch to being a teacher, I wondered how I could use Tackk in my classroom, instead of the real estate and other industries the examples showed. Once I started playing with Tackk, I realized it’s perfect for my 8th and 9th grade business technology classes, a very simple and time-saving way to collaborate and share (“borrow”) lesson plans with other teachers, and extremely adaptable to other grades and subjects.

Teachers and Tackk
Teachers use their Edmodo login to create a Tackk profile, lesson plans, student assignments, presentations, and more. The first year I used Tackk, I used it only for student-created work. I later discovered how valuable it is to create and share lesson plans. It’s so simple to create and post lesson plans for students to follow, and even easier to allow other teachers to use the lessons in their own classrooms. Some of the lesson plans I’ve created (which you are welcome to use) include a business proposal, a “Holiday Thanks” project, and “My Future Career Path” project. It’s an intuitive way to create lessons in a presentation mode and has allowed me to differentiate instruction easily and effectively.

StudentWork_caatechStudents and Tackk
Students can use their Edmodo login to create Tackk projects, ePortfolios, blogs, and other fun web pages, giving them the chance to be web content creators. They enjoy being creative and use Tackk so effortlessly to customize and save Tackk pages. It allows a level of simple creativity I haven’t seen in other tools—a perfect blend of digital media and colorful palettes. The students also like to collaborate and compliment each other’s work with interactive, visual comments in Tackk Stream, the commenting feature.

Tackk in My Classroom
Using Tackk helps me assess students’ ability to follow complex sets of instructions and complete larger tasks. It’s also a gauge of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and overall creativity.

Tackk is so useful that I’ve transitioned many of my final assignments to Tackk page presentations. Rather than oral presentations, my students upload pictures and descriptions of research projects and other themes for display. Not only is it a forum for comments, but I can also easily link the pages to websites and social media for others to see throughout the district—a convenient way to promote global citizenship and highlight activities.

Tackk seems very adaptable for all age groups. I can see it being a universal education tool, with uses everywhere from elementary school to college. It’s especially valuable for schools with access to fewer resources, as it’s free and has a very professional appearance.

tackk_logo_273x268_360Tackk in Your Classroom
Interested in trying Tackk with students this school year? Below are some fun projects to introduce your classroom to Tackk and its functionality, which include working with fonts, images, links, and more. Instructions should include using different font types, sizes, and colors, inserting photos, working with digital file formats, embedding maps, and other tasks based on your students’ learning level.

  • Concert Page. Have students create a concert page for their favorite musical artist, including songs, lyrics, and/or albums.
  • Cause Awareness. Have students create a philanthropy page about breast cancer, diabetes, endangered animals, or anything else pertinent to their passions.
  • Birthday Party. Have students create a page for an upcoming birthday party for themselves or a friend.

Have you created any lesson plans in Tackk that you’d like to share? Please include your ideas or links in the comments section below.


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  1. Tackk is MY new best friend too!

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