How to Turn Students Into Good Digital Citizens on Edmodo

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June 17th, 2015

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Guiding students down a path to becoming responsible digital citizens is no longer the responsibility of the school counselor, librarian, or local school safety officer. It is the responsibility of every teacher. As classrooms become increasingly digital, students must learn to sift through the volumes of information on the Internet and separate helpful information from Internet “noise” in a safe and productive manner. While we may be experts in our respective content areas, sometimes teaching Internet safety and digital citizenship can take us out of our comfort zone.

Fortunately, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating an effective digital citizenship lesson plan. On Edmodo, teachers and administrators can join the Common Sense Media community to access a fantastic, free, and ready-to-go digital citizenship curriculum that includes a unit on Internet Safety. The curricula also includes facilitator guides to make sure teachers are prepared to guide students towards becoming digital citizens.

Common Sense Education provides free research-based digital resources that include interactive games for students to build and practice their Internet safety and digital citizenship skills. Here is an idea on how to use Edmodo to teach and reward progress on digital citizenship:

  • Create an assignment using lessons from Common Sense Education.
    • Grades 3-5: Check out the Digital Passport game which helps young students develop skills in digital safety, respect, and community.
    • Grades 6-9: Try the brand new Digital Compass interactive, choose-your-own-adventure saga.
    • Ages 13 and up: Enjoy the Digital Bytes interactive lessons that help students make difficult decisions in real world dilemmas.
  • Award a badge to your students for successfully completing the digital citizenship lesson/activity.
  • Send a note to your students to discuss a real-world Internet safety scenario. Empower students by asking them to share and comment on how they stay safe when surfing.
  • Ask your students to teach their parents what they learned about Internet safety and digital citizenship. Encourage your students to share their experiences with the class!

Edmodo provides a teacher-moderated, safe experience for students. It is in this environment where students can grow and explore on their path to becoming digital citizens. Celebrate Internet Safety Month by empowering your students with the skills they need to safely unlock the power of connectedness!

How do you teach Internet Safety in your classrooms? Share in the comments below!

90 responses to “How to Turn Students Into Good Digital Citizens on Edmodo”

  1. Melinda Reed says:

    I didn’t realize that Edmodo was partners with Common Sense Media. I enjoy using CSM as I teach digital citizenship to all the students in my 6-8 middle school. I also like to use NSTeens from the Netsmartz site. Here is a Tackk I created to assist in teaching digital citizenship to one of my 7th grade classes:
    I used Google surveys for the student survey so I could convert their answers into graphs. It was a very eye opening experience for them.

    • Linda Hixson says:

      THanks so much for the tackk post. It is a great extra resource. I will have to look into using it in my classroom.

  2. Quinie Ong says:

    I will be giving badges to my student this semester. It would be a great way to motivate them to participate in edmodo activities.

  3. DeVane says:

    If we teach students how to be good digital citizens, then we are empowering them to critically think when making choices when being online. It’s not just about protecting them from others but teaching them that they are making choices when they post and those actions can have long-term effects.

  4. Olga Castro says:

    It is a good idea to motivate our students to be good citizens so they enjoy new ways of information and It is one of them. Nowaday children and teenagers need to be guided and It is our responsability as a teachers.

  5. Thanks for the extra resources Anthony.

  6. Linda Hixson says:

    I really like the digital bytes site! It gives real world opportunities for students to engage in activities that relate to them. What a great way to begin the year!

  7. Shonterrius says:

    Love it! I will integrate the digital citizenship lesson during our class orientation tasks.

  8. I use the Digital Citizenship by Common Sense Media to teach Internet Safety. I am excited to learn that I can do more with it and Edmodo; award badges. I’m looking forward to the upcoming school year and doing a lot more with Edmodo.

  9. Eric Lech says:

    I love using Common Sense Media Digital Passport games with our elementary students. They certainly are engaged with the games and have a better understanding of the concepts presented after completing the activities. This year my students seemed to enjoy the game that helped them in learning appropriate search terms when completing internet searches! I have to be better about remembering to award badges, though!

  10. Carmen M says:

    I teach digital citizenship but one idea I liked was to award badges. I am going to start awarding more badges as incentives.

  11. Kim F says:

    I started to use Common Sense Media to teach Digital Citizenship this year and my students have gotten a lot out of it. I use it in grades k-8. I didn’t realize Edmodo partnered with them.

  12. Ruth JeanBaptiste says:

    I agree that teachers play a big part of teaching their students about Digital Citizenship. I love the Digital Passport Game and I wish I knew about it before because I would have definitely used it last school year and spread the word to my peers.

  13. Alexis says:

    I have tried to incorporate digital citizenship in my classroom in the beginning of the school year and using edmodo. It has really helped to show students the importance of being safe and smart on the internet.

  14. Michelle says:

    We also used the Common Sense Media lessons to teach Digital Literacy to our 4th grade students. I found the lessons and site to be easy to manage, kid friendly, and interesting to the students.

  15. Mindi says:

    This is awesome. I am definitely going to use this for the coming school year.

  16. Z. Morris says:

    I like the fact that there is a unit on Internet safety…no reinventing the wheel…for students to participate in and a facilitator’s guide as well. I will definitely explore the real world scenarios and involving students in their own learning. Usually internet safety is taught through a whole grade level assembly where students observe skits on real world situations and a short film. In our classroom we have discussions on Internet safety as well. Never thought about doing a unit on the subject.

  17. Barb says:

    Love that Common Sense has a digital citizenship component. Looking forward to using it with my 5th graders this fall.

  18. Jarkko says:

    Common Sense Media site is a find. In Finland we’re developing local versions of the new curriculum for 2016 fall – e.g. the common core explorer is very informative on providing additional perspective to the work.

  19. Jodi says:

    I use Digital Citizenship, especially in the beginning of the school year. I’m going to try to take it a step further and reward them by giving them badges also.

  20. Sebastien says:

    Thank you for this article, I’m thinking about how to adapt this topic to adult learners from everywhere in the world 😉 It could be usefull for adults too!

  21. Catheryn says:

    Being a 1:1 classroom, it is imperative that I start the year with some Digital Citizenship lessons. The lessons from Common Sense Media are really going to help drive the point home and the fact they partner with Edmodo is going to excite and engage the students.

  22. Gediminas says:

    Thank you for this article.

  23. Donna Hannah says:

    This is an excellent post. There some very helpful activities. I will join the common sense media community and use their lessons on Internet safety with my class.

  24. Melba M says:

    I enjoy creating badges for students, and they enjoy receiving them. Believe I will create a Digital Citizenship badge to share with the students. Thanks for the good advice.

  25. Stephanie W says:

    This is a great post to share with schools embarking on 1:1 initiatives. Common Sense Media has great resources. One of my favorite activities is the Rings of Responsibility (

  26. Common Sense Media (CSM) is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers and staff as well! I love that Edmodo has a partnership now with CSM, which further supports our educational efforts to use this in class with our students, as well as reinforce concepts learned when we send resources and materials home to parents for enhanced learning!

  27. Heather says:

    I am using the summer to look into the Digital Citizenship lessons as our county is going 1:1.

  28. Willian says:

    Excelentes practicas.

  29. Donna says:

    Being that we are a 1:1 district, this is great information to share with our teachers.

  30. I am demonstrating to my students in a summer enrichment program how they are not only responsible for maintaining a knowledge of current events, but they must also become citizen journalists by using their resources (namely their smart phones) to record the world around them.

  31. Rafranz says:

    This is going to be such a hit with our schools and teachers!

  32. Tina brown says:

    I am very eager to complete these lessons with my students!

  33. Ashley Stephens says:

    Many thanks, great idea! Off to create a badge for student orientation!!

  34. Kim Cazzetto says:

    I am excited that Common Sense Media provides teachers with a roadmap to teaching students about Internet safety. I know that many teachers don’t know how to even begin the topic of digital citizenship and safety. What a wonderful resource. I look forward to sharing this with my colleagues and for my first online venture with my new students.

  35. Cindy Nickdoam says:

    My students participate in the Flat Connections Project Digiteen-Digitween. The entire project is centered around teaching digital citizenship. Students collaborate from classrooms around the world using Edmodo and Google Docs to conduct research, share findings, and complete an action project based on their research. It is a great project and an excellent fun way to implement Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship into the classroom.

  36. Andrea Lance says:

    I had no idea that Edmodo partnered with Common Sense Media. I definitely think praise and recognition, such as an awesome badge will promote digital citizenship all year long! In my opinion, students also need watch adults use Social Media properly so they can model proper behavior. Often teachers block or hide their profiles because they many not be great digital citizens themselves! Don’t forget modeling is also a positive learning tool as well!

  37. Scherrie Davis says:

    Edmodo is making great gains in education. I love the Pinterest link so that I may save this blog post for future reference

  38. Scherrie Davis says:

    I hope that this will soon be a feature that serves as as an extension of Edmodo for the classroom!

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