Content is King: Edmodo Announces New Content Capabilities at ISTE 2015

Posted by: Vibhu Mittal, CEO

June 29th, 2015

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ISTE2015logoThe proliferation of the Internet and mainstream access to devices has opened the floodgates of opportunity for 21st century learning. Hardware, educational games, apps, cloud-based software, and mobile have effectively redefined the way learning is experienced worldwide. Two crucial components of a successful education ecosystem are content creation and collaboration; writing and expressing ideas clearly and concisely, presenting them effectively, analyzing and critiquing them, and learning from peers and teachers. These are the quintessential reasons all of us go to school.

On Edmodo, teachers and students are interacting with content and resources every day. Many of the educators on our platform create their own worksheets and quizzes, then share them in their Edmodo Groups or Communities so other teachers can use them. Similarly, we see teachers sharing content that they’ve found online with their peers, from a Khan Academy video, to a new gamified math app. In fact, we’ve had more than two hundred million resources shared on the platform. With a plethora of available content, teachers are redefining curriculum parameters as we’ve known them in a traditional sense. But, like in other areas of digital learning, it’s difficult to sift through and identify which resources to use.

Today at ISTE 2015, we’re excited to announce two initiatives that will further enhance content capabilities on Edmodo for educators and students around the world. First off, we’re integrating Microsoft Office 365 into our platform to connect users with outstanding cloud productivity technologies that enable a next generation learning environment. Microsoft’s tools in this sphere have a long and respected history and we are delighted to be able to bring them to our users.

As teachers and students create content on Edmodo, they’ll have access to tools in Office 365’s suite of online productivity tools including the award winning OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Sway and Office Mix, tools that both students and educators love, will also seamlessly blend into the Edmodo experience. OneDrive integration will let users store and share their work from within Edmodo. Finally, the integration affords schools who have adopted Office 365 to log into Edmodo with their secure, robust and private Microsoft accounts.

Secondly, we’re unveiling Edmodo Spotlight, a content marketplace that empowers educators to collect, share, and discover valuable educational resources to improve student learning. Capitalizing on the power of the Edmodo network, educators can review resources from all over the web, curate collections of their favorites, and sell and purchase original material from their peers, as well as from third-party publishers. Additionally, educators can search by grade level, subject area, resource type, and price point, making it quick and easy to find specific types of resources. Our goal with Edmodo Spotlight is two-fold: to provide teachers the opportunity to share their original content, and to better sort educational resources in a crowd-sourced fashion, so that the best materials are surfaced and used in the right way to advance student learning.

At Edmodo, we’re committed to building and integrating new tools that ultimately save educators time. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to connect learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential. With Microsoft’s content capabilities and Edmodo Spotlight, we’re looking forward to making great strides in evolving our learning ecosystem and making our founding vision a reality.


235 responses to “Content is King: Edmodo Announces New Content Capabilities at ISTE 2015”

  1. Tangila Webb says:

    As an educator in a district that has implemented Office 365 and as an avid Edmodo user, I am excited about these initiatives. I have tested the single-sign on and can’t wait as Edmodo unveils more of the functionality of Office.

  2. Vera says:

    I love the fact that Edmodo encourages sharing of resources and content. The collaborative capabilities are tremendous. One thing I will be interested to see is how we as educators continue to develop our own ability to critically analyse the materials and resources out there, and how we foster this ability in our students. “Quantity” does not always equal “quality”, and we will have to tread carefully as we consider emerging priorities in new fields.

  3. Two very interesting features in regard to peer collaboration . The integration of Office365 is an asset to students and very interesting spotlight for seeking and sharing of resources.

  4. Nicholas Poveromo says:

    My school district in Tempe, Arizona will be providing all teachers and students access to Office 365 in the next school year. This will be a huge benefit to all Edmodo users and will enable a nearly seamlessly integration with Microsoft Office tools in the cloud. I can’t wait to share this with teachers in my district!

    I had the opportunity to use Edmodo Spotlight in its Beta format and saw amazing potential in how it could connect teachers to a variety of resources. For many years, educators have needed a central platform to showcase and make available for download, teaching resources. Finally, Edmodo has come to the rescue! Teachers now have access to an ever-growing library of resources that not only make them better instructors, but also connect them to others in their field. This is yet another way that Edmodo allows teachers to build their Personal Learning Network!

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t use the 365 platform but theSpotlight feature sounds very interesting. I’ll have to play around in there and get started!

  6. Dr. Cynthia Schaub says:

    It looks like edmodo has taken off and headed well into the 21st century with 85 years still to go! Who knows the possibilities of how far we will reach, but for sure, our students are headed for a success we could never begin to fathom . . . and edmodo is leading the way!

  7. We were so excited to hear this announcement when we were in Philly. Now a few months have passed and more districts are able engage with edmodo. Not everyone uses Google Apps and the disenfranchised now have access to the same functionalities that Google apps schools had. Thank you for this significant improvement.

  8. Robert Maw says:

    The strength and depth of Microsoft alongside the creativity and the connections of Edmodo should prove a fruitful union.

  9. Charmaine says:

    The Office 365 is an answer to our prayers. We have chromebooks in our districts and the teachers were missing their office productivity software. Thank you for adding this feature to Edmodo!

  10. Heidi Morgan says:

    So far the Office 365 integration has been going well. When I see the Office 365 log in on the Edmodo home page, it shows how far Edmodo is willing to go to make things best for teachers and students.

  11. Tamyra Natividad says:

    Great additions to Edmodo! Thank you for simplifying so that so many different activities and assignments can be completed in one place.

  12. Fadibah Setiawan says:

    I’m excited about Edmodo’s focus on bringing in other resources and platforms. Edmodo is already amazing,hope the next cross platform more better with video call

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I have particularly liked exploring the Spotlight resources. This has been a great addition to the Edmodo platform.

  14. mtouceda says:

    I love that Edmodo is always changing and bringing new tools to teachers and their students.

  15. Melissa Kennedy says:

    I cannot wait to use this in my classroom! I already use Edmodo daily. However, I did not know this existed with it. Edmodo Rocks!

  16. Maryam Hamad says:

    These two features have proven to be highly productive and will help teachers get connected with resources from around the globe.

  17. Krys Lynam says:

    I believe the more Edmodo is able to integrate with Google/Chrome Books and Office/O365, the better! Districts are leaning on these devices and OS/platforms for technology integration in their schools, and if we’re not able to sync services, Edmodo becomes a competing service, rather than a collaborating partner. Edmodo’s too great a resource to be lost due to inability to integrate.

  18. Lidia says:

    I definitely agree with the idea that teachers need to work together and that means sharing resources. This makes our work more learners’ focused. We find a treasure in Edmodo; there are plenty of reasons to sate this. The integration of apps, Google Drive, Office and many others symplify our work!

  19. Cindy Nickodam says:

    We are a GAFE and also have Office 365 Accounts for our students. Being able to access both Google Drive and Office 365 Tools is awesome. I have been showing teachers these features and they are very excited.

  20. Steph Bernier says:

    I have been using the Google Drive integration capabilities with Edmodo for a few years now. It’s very exciting that Office 365 is now an option as well. I can’t wait to try it!

  21. Keith George says:

    Love that Edmodo allows integration with with the important productivity tools commonly used in the classroom. Spotlight is an incredible venue for sharing resources.

  22. Alison Walker says:

    Love the office 365 integration.

  23. Maria Rita Pepe says:

    My students are already using the Office365 to edit texts. I think it is great to have a great variety of tools to choose from.
    As a teacher, I know I can learn a lot from the resources shared in Spotlight.

  24. Ann Mansier says:

    These are two awesome initiatives! I can see the O365 integration being particularly helpful, for schools who use that as their platform. Spotlight will be another great resource for teachers to find and share resources with others.

  25. Marc Tartaro says:

    This is so awesome! Edmodo is really tying it all neatly together in one package!

  26. Tugi Hartono says:

    It is interesting to integrate Office 365 with Edmodo

  27. I think Spotlight is a great idea, especially because teachers can effective searching this educational marketplace. Many groups of teachers all over the world tried to do something like Spotlight via Pinterest or on Google docs, but the problem always was a searching in database of something especially for right topic or group of student. Now we can do this with Edmodo. It is a great progress.

  28. Absolutely loving Edmodo Spotlight. The content is awesome and reaching so many teachers! Thank you Edmodo for making planning a much easier endeavor.

  29. Chenethia Brown says:

    Spotlight is an awesome tool. I think that it is a great idea for teachers to have a place within Edmodo that they can view content related created material.

  30. Amy Hart says:

    So great that students will have this access anywhere they go.

  31. Ivette Rivera-Lugo says:

    That two initiatives are great for promoting critical thinking, productivity, team work and collaboration in teachers and students. Thanks Edmodo.

  32. Sandy King says:

    I know a lot of teachers are excited about these two initiatives.

  33. Massimiliano says:

    I appreciate the commitment by Edmondo to build and integrate new tools for education.

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