EdmodoCon 2015: 5 Tips for a Red Carpet-Worthy Viewing Party

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July 7th, 2015

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EdmodoCon_2015_ViewingParties_blogThe way we see it, being an educator is like being famous. Every day, you stand in front of a live audience that hangs on your every word, someone always wants some of your time, and you spend long hours “on set.”

Since educators literally take the stage at EdmodoCon, we want everyone watching at home to feel like celebrities, too. Here are five ways to create an star-studded viewing party for your school or district:

  1. Start a “Fan Club.” Create an Edmodo Group and invite colleagues to join. Use it to discuss pre-party preparation, backchannel during EdmodoCon, and talk about how to integrate new ideas and best practices after the event.
  2. Tell Your “Cast” to RSVP. While you’ll be watching as a group, have everyone individually register for EdmodoCon. That way, each person can get their own event updates, t-shirt discount code, and badge and certificate for attending.
  3. Assign “Roles.” Who’s in charge of taking notes? Asking and answering questions? Monitoring social media? Who will register your viewing party? Decide who’s going to play each part, so everyone in your ensemble can prepare for their roles.
  4. Submit Your Ballots. Decide where your party will be hosted, if it’s BYOD, and most importantly, whether it should be brown bag or potluck. Nourished bodies lead to nourished minds (and award-winning performances).
  5. Get Social. Post party selfies on Instagram and Facebook, follow #EdmodoCon on Twitter, and show off your ideas on Pinterest. To connect with other attendees and access presentation materials, join session Groups.

Since a party isn’t a party without favors, we’ll be giving out a special prize to the biggest bash out there. So gather your favorite partners in learning and have a ball!

Wondering what others are planning for their viewing parties? Share ideas in the comments section below, or get tips for hosting and more in the global EdmodoCon Community.

Already have your festivities prepped and planned? Register your EdmodoCon 2015 party today!

16 responses to “EdmodoCon 2015: 5 Tips for a Red Carpet-Worthy Viewing Party”

  1. Peter says:

    Very excited about EdmodoCon! My entire team watched last year and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. My plan this school year is to get as many teachers in my school to sign up to Edmodo as possible.

  3. Stacey says:

    This sounds like a fun idea to incorporate, but with of the trainings and back to school activities going on I doubt that I will be able to plan a party for EdmodoCon.

  4. Suzanne C says:

    These are great incentives to learn together!

  5. Kyoko says:

    Sounds exciting!

  6. Megan Stamer says:

    I have never been to an EdmodoCon party, but definitely want to attend, or start one soon!

  7. Ellen says:

    I would love to get my entire district involved!

  8. Ellen says:

    Using Edmodo has greatly improved my instruction by allowing me to share with professionals all over the nation. It has also heed me understand the vague expectations of our new exam (PARCC)

  9. Ellen says:


  10. Brady says:

    So excited about EdmodoCon this year. My wheels are turning with ways to pull this together on our campus.

  11. Renee Owens says:

    Excited for my 4th EdmodocCon! I may be hosting a group this year, so this post was helpful!

  12. Željka Zagorac says:

    I have never been to EdmodoCon Party. The idea is great!

  13. R Wright says:

    Great ideas! I like the idea of assigning roles for team members! It is a great way not to miss any information because EdmodoCon offers a wealth of resources and ideas!

  14. Dierdre Watkins says:

    Great idea! Plan to get my department to participate. I like the idea of roles for team members.

  15. Andrea Blanco says:

    Excellent idea! I will absolutely propose it to my principal to do it on the school. Thanks!

  16. Belen says:

    ALways with awesome ideas!!! thanks a lot!! c u at the EdmodoCon!

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