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Posted by: Alice Bonasio, Head of Communications at RefME

September 1st, 2015

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In the digital age, technology plays a big part in the back-to-school process. Over the past few years, it’s become more than using desktop, laptop, or mobile devices to get work assigned and completed; today, educators need to consider how technology can help them teach, as well as which tools and platforms to use with their students.

For those of you building essays, reports, or similar writing projects into this year’s curriculum, and looking for an easy way to teach students how to properly cite references and format their papers, download RefME for free from the Edmodo Store. With features that automate citations, RefME will help your students:  RefME_273x268

  • Quickly add accurate citations from any source on web and mobile
  • Scan book and journal barcodes with their smartphone
  • Collaborate with classmates and teachers on group projects
  • Format citations in any style with just one click (over 7000 available)
  • Easily export Bibliographies to applications like Word and Evernote

With over one million downloads in less than a year, RefME helps students improve accuracy and concentrate on the content of their learning, rather than being bogged down with processes and formatting. To support the teachers and librarians who use it, RefME also offers a dedicated pack of teaching resources and training for educators. Like everything about RefME, these resources are free and available to everyone.

As part of the Edmodo platform, teachers and students have the option of signing into RefME with their existing Edmodo account, on the web and the Edmodo iOS or Android apps.

RefME is also working on a set of materials to support teachers in finding engaging and fun ways to use our tool and teach important concepts like referencing and plagiarism to their students. And being a mobile tool brings some exciting possibilities too, because it means that learning is not confined to the classroom walls. Educators can, for example, organise “knowledge treasure hunts” as part of their lesson plans, where students seek out different sources to transform into citations and add to their bibliography, answering questions and collaborating with their classmates along the way, or where students trace back each source in a bibliography to discover the text the bibliography belongs to. Teachers can already find resources like explainer videos on RefME’s Educators Support Page, but there will be a lot more to come over the next few weeks, so stay tuned and make sure to request your free RefME Educator’s toolkit today.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Perhaps even an idea of a fun classroom activity or lesson plan that can use a tool like RefME? Let the team know! Just like Edmodo, RefME relies on teacher feedback to provide the best possible experience and resources!

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