Celebrating Global Collaboration Day With Edmodo

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September 16th, 2015

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This Thursday, September 17th, marks the celebration of Global Collaboration Day (GCD), an event put on by the organizers of the annual Global Education Conference (GEC), to support connections and collaboration among students, teachers, and organizations.GCD image (1)

As an event partner, Edmodo is showing its support by encouraging teachers to organize activities on the platform that highlight the importance of collaboration, and to make learning fun! Some of the activities Edmodo teachers have planned include:

  • “Working with a class in Germany using Padlet and Edmodo to collaborate on digital safety rules and digital collaboration” — Bobby Brian Lewis, Huntington Middle School, Georgia
  • “Hosting a Global Music Share on Edmodo. I started a group and I’m asking people from all over the world to post a link to music that they’re currently listening to. In addition, I am encouraging people to comment on others’ posts” — Michael Kats, Saratoga Springs City School District, New York
  • “This week in AP World History, we are discussing and learning about Inter-Regional Interactions in History with a focus on Islam as well as the current Syrian Migrant crisis. We will look at what it means to be a global citizen and how globalization has altered our way of life for the better, or for the worse” — Oscar Porras, Pebble Hills High School, Texas
  • “Students will prepare posters about Croatian customs, then we’ll upload the best one to Edmodo Spotlight. Also, we will make quizzes about cultural customs on Edmodo” — Ljiljana Lez-Drnjevic, Hotelijersko-turisticka skola u Zagrebu / School for Hotel and Tourism, Zagreb
  • “Students will research interesting facts about a country of their choice. We are an MYP school and we are on a military base so we have children from, or who have lived, in a variety of places. The students will then create fun quizzes on Zondle showcasing the information and inviting other kids to try to play Zondle with the quiz they created. They will vote for the best quiz and that quiz will be made available to everyone in the whole school” — Brenda Osborne, MacArthur Middle School, Maryland

In addition, Edmodo will be hosting a Twitter Chat tomorrow, Sep. 17, at 4pm PT to discuss global collaboration topics and best practices. Be sure to join us and share your thoughts with hashtags #EdmodoGCD, #globaled15, #edmodochat!

9 responses to “Celebrating Global Collaboration Day With Edmodo”

  1. Mario says:

    Edmodo has completely changed the way I teach for the better. Just this past weekend I worked with a teacher in Texas (I’m in Canada) planning a lesson for international Dot Day on September 15. Both our classes did the same lesson and then we shared via Skype. Next will be #Gra15. Between Edmodo and Twitter, I’ve met some incredible teachers who push me to be better everyday. I am so grateful for Edmodo and technology in general. I’ve seen some amazing things from the kids I teach.

  2. Martina Westermann says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects and inspiring teachers to look for (new) ways of connecting with students and teachers from other parts of the world! The internet has made it possible to bridge great distances and time zones to open new windows to the world. Students are able to learn about different cultures in an authentic setting and integrate multiple perspectives by listening to the voices of people that they would never meet in their daily lives. For the past four years I have been collaborating with a social studies teacher in Michigan. In 2014 we used Edmodo and Padlet to conduct a project on the UN Millennium Development Goals and took part in the “Eine Welt für alle” competition hosted by the Federal President of Germany, Joachim Gauck. With the world having developed into a global village where events and decisions being made on one end affect the lives of people on the other, we can use the connectivity made possible by modern communication technologies to care for each other and act responsibly in a global context.

  3. Luca Raina says:

    The collaboration is the way to learning!!! Amazing work.

  4. Ljiljana says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and your story. It’s inspiring for all of us. I use to organize projects with my students via Skype and Web.2 tools. But Edmodo is a great platform for exchanging ideas and sources, and, of course, to integrate new possibilities.

  5. Ljiljana says:

    Through the project Taste of Europe the students from different parts of Europe will present their country, their city and school. They will become familiar with the differences and similarities, and thus contribute to better understanding and acceptance of diversity. They will also establish friendships that will be able to deepen respect. Each school will present it’s country through customs, cultural sights, gastronomy and places for young people. Students will practice oral and written expression in a foreign language, as well as using different Web.2 tools, Skype etc. Of corse, we will share our experiences through Edmodo.

  6. Salvador says:

    Edmodo ha cambiado la forma de comunicarme con mis estudiantes; así tambien como con otros maestros. Agradezco a todos los docentes que participan en el muro compartiendo sus recursos didácticos, experiencias y enlaces web, hé utlizado muchos de ellos y obtenido gran éxito en el aprendizaje de mis estudiantes. Esta plataforma virtual es lo que durante tanto tiempo busqué y ahora que la utilizo no solo la sugiero sino que también doy cursos para que hagan uso de esta. Gracias a los colaboradores.

  7. Carrie Renfro says:

    This was a great day for my students! I showed them where we were on the map and that we were the only school in Oklahoma – they were super jazzed and gave themselves a round of applause! It worked in with our Eleven Days of Peace unit and global citizenship and collaboration. My students did the Amazing Race and turned in the passports they received on Edmodo and then printed them out for their student portfolios. They learned a lot about other places in the world and I think it really did have an impact on the way they viewed the world. Thanks to everyone who helped put this on!

  8. Teresa Perles says:

    Inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Joanna says:

    Global collaboration is a must for students in today’s world. Edmodo is a platform that makes this possible. I am thankful that I was able to connect my students in the US to students in AU for a global project. No textbook could provide the experiences our students had and they will never forget them. Thanks Edmodo!

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