Edmodo Goes to the White House!

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October 29th, 2015

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We’re excited that today Edmodo CEO Vibhu Mittal is at the White House for the Open Education Symposium held by the U.S. Department of Education. At the event, he’ll be presenting Edmodo Spotlight, our teacher-curated resource sharing platform, to the various education leaders in attendance as part of our ongoing commitment to open education.

The Symposium marks efforts by the Department of Education to expand and accelerate the adoption of openly licensed educational resources. As stated by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan: “In order to ensure that all students – no matter their zip code – have access to high-quality learning resources, we are encouraging districts and states to move away from traditional textbooks and toward freely accessible, openly-licensed materials. Districts across the country are transforming learning by using materials that can be constantly updated and adjusted to meet students’ needs.”image_9

We’re proud to be part of this initiative, and honored to be one of only three companies (alongside Microsoft and Amazon) to present at the event!  Edmodo Spotlight is our latest effort to enable easier content & resource discovery and sharing among teachers and schools. An extension of the vast educator network on Edmodo, Edmodo Spotlight empowers educators to upload and share helpful resources, review resources from all over the Web, and curate collections of their favorites, including original material from educator peers, as well as from third-party publishers. With one simple click, teachers are able to distribute a resource within Spotlight to their entire Edmodo classroom as part of an assignment or a quiz, making it a seamless experience for uninterrupted learning workflow.

When we think of the shifting digital content landscape in a K-12 education context, Vibhu puts it best: “On Edmodo, we see how important teacher connections are to advancing professional development and student learning on a daily basis. If we’re able to surface teacher-created resources that help move the needle in the classroom to other teachers around the world, this content discovery and recommendation model has great potential impact on our ability to correlate resource consumption with learning outcomes.”

132 responses to “Edmodo Goes to the White House!”

  1. Paula Henderson says:

    I am very proud to be a part of the Edmodo team. This is great news and I hope to see more exciting things in the future for Edmodo.

  2. Carol Weintraub says:

    The White House! Classy.

  3. Jennifer Goodson says:

    I am very interested in how this will work going forward. i always make sure when using an LMS like Edmodo that I link as many resources that apply to my assignment to give students the solid resource that a textbook once represented. However, all teachers do not give these resources and many students, in particular I am speaking about my 6th grade daughter, are left googling their homework. This is frustrating and a reason to support some sort of textbook or LMS adoption-it also is a reason that all teachers should be TRAINED on how to use these items. Just having them and not knowing how to effectively use them for students is a area where education is lacking.

  4. Melinda Reed says:

    The Edmodo Spotlight is a phenomenal resource for educators. It was also interesting to me that Microsoft was among the few presenters at this symposium because we just became an Office 365 district. Love seeing that Edmodo has incorporated that as well!

  5. Jason Reagin says:

    As the professional world is rapidly shrinking and sharing why are we in education? This is another step in seeing that happen!

  6. danesensei says:

    Another milestone in education! Great Job Edmodo! I’m so proud of our achievement!

  7. Cheryl Woolwine says:

    Very exciting news! Edmodo deserves to be playing in the big league!! 🙂

  8. Marica says:

    Great news! Very inspiring.

  9. Julia says:

    This is wonderful. Progress in the right direction.

  10. Jennifer Brooks says:

    That’s awesome!

  11. Virginia Bautista says:

    Edmodo Spotlight is indeed a great way to allow teachers from around the world to have access to high-quality learning resources. Great job, #Edmodo!

  12. Aditya Pratama says:

    Great news. We in Indonesia also trying to provide access to high-quality learning resources to all the student in Indonesia. As you know, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago countryin the world, so open and long distance learning process is very helpful to provide great education to all its citizen. Edmodo gave us the tools to do it, and we are happy to introduce Edmodo throughout Indonesi. Indonesia with the help of SEAMEO and SEAMOLEC also spreding our Edmodo love to other countries around us, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and more under the banner of South East Asia Digital Class (SEA Digital Class).

  13. Sethi says:

    This so so exciting! Keep spreading the Edmodo Love and Love for EdTech in general! Great to hear that things are moving forward!

  14. Natalie says:

    It is awesome that Edmodo is at the forefront of this movement! Edmodo Spotlight is an ever-growing resource for teachers all over the globe..

  15. Sandra says:

    Nice to see Edmodo in THE big house and the focus POTUS is putting on Education in general and Open Ed in particular. Did Vibhu wear a Mo tie?

  16. Heather Scott says:

    Edmodo has been an invaluable part of my professional development and I value my Edmodo PLN highly. I am glad Vibhu Mittal is at the White House for the Open Education Symposium to spread the word about how Edmodo helps teachers connect!

  17. Noelene says:

    This is great. It provides a great perspective to students who can visit Washington DC. Thanks!

  18. Kim Fiore says:

    Great to see Edmodo at the White House!

  19. Glenda says:

    It’s wonderful to see Edmodo grow, change, and become a true leader in the advancement of educational practice. I’m truly enjoying being a part of this community of incredible educators!

  20. Karol Rivera says:

    This is what I love about Edmodo – that is freely accessible to teachers and their classrooms all around the world. Not all schools are able to afford paid learning platforms, and Edmodo has gone a long way to closing the gap in the digital divide.

  21. Suhail says:

    Interesting. Waiting to see the results

  22. Katrina Guillory says:

    Edmodo is an amazing school district, campus, teacher, student, and parent tool! I am so excited for the future that Edmodo is paving for the world’s digital natives and their education.

  23. Laura Leboeuf says:

    Perhaps one day Edmodo will go to Canadian Pariament too! Well done!

  24. Mr Burke says:

    The allure of Edmodo to educators just keeps getting better. I’d considered purchasing another LMS for my school because of its subject resources but the interest wasn’t there from staff. Thankful I didn’t as the wealth of resources that Spotlight is offering to our staff & students is fantastic.

  25. Toh Wee Teck says:

    WOW! Amazing!

  26. Z.Jakab says:

    Way to go Edmodo!Well done!

  27. Mustafa Syed says:

    Amazing! That’s a milestone for Edmodo. Let’s hope we will keep growing like this!

  28. Cheryl Bobo says:

    Great news! We need Washington exposed and connected to what is happening in classrooms.

  29. Geraldine Arandez says:

    I am happy to see that Edmodo is making rippples that have reached the White House. Teachers in the classroom should have an avenue to be heard by people who make policies. Edmodo is making this happen.

  30. Jenny Jones says:

    One of the greatest resources for teachers is other teachers. Spotlight allows use to share with other teachers and our students easily. Congratulations on presenting alongside such big companies!

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