5 EdTech Takeaways from 2015 Superintendent-of-the-Year Katrise Perera

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December 9th, 2015

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Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. A. Katrise Perera, National Association of School Superintendents (NASS) 2015 Superintendent-of-the-Year winner, about her experience in education and future trends in EdTech. Katrise shared five takeaways:

  1. Technology increases student engagement, and that alone accelerates learning in and of Katrise 2_new (1)itself.  If students are engaged in the content because of EdTech, then it is only natural that they will improve their knowledge base, too.  I’ve seen it positively impact teachers in classrooms, too.

  1. Technology makes teachers’ jobs easier by streamlining instruction. EdTech keeps them away from the copier because they can digitize, link information, or have students download learning resources they need without leaving the classroom or their desk.

  1. Technology has opened up two-way communication between home and school. New communication tools allow teachers and parents to engage in a different mode.  EdTech, if utilized to its maximum, allows parents to monitor their student frequently or “peek” inside the classroom at their convenience. I have been a part of districts where parents were pinged when grades or assignments were updated by the teacher.  Now – that is real time monitoring.  I am just glad all this technology wasn’t around when I was in school.

  1. Access to information is the next big revolution in schools and society.  I believe districts have to prioritize giving access to information to all the students it serves.  This priority will continuously demand a change in teaching and learning, which I call Learning 3.0

  1. Districts struggle most with budget and buy-in because they spend too much time thinking about the device and the cost as opposed to identifying strategically what they want students to learn.  We have to begin with the end in mind, e.g., – Do we want students to learn to blog or do we want students to learn the skills of engaging others in written communication and/or raising awareness?  That is a question every district leader has to answer before they pursue any EdTech initiative or purchase any software. Every district administrator and teacher leader needs to communicate clearly expectation to ensure implementation is being carried out with fidelity.

4 responses to “5 EdTech Takeaways from 2015 Superintendent-of-the-Year Katrise Perera”

  1. Fanny Villagra says:

    I’m using Edmodo with my students, age from 12 to 17, in diferent class. They enjoy it. It’ true “TIC increases students engagement” in study. Fanny

  2. Deitra Ford-Robinson says:

    Wonderful job Dr. A. Katrice Perera!

    Technology is a 21st Century tool that is used in every area of life. We must be able to adapt to the digital world and be productive or get left behind. Technology has enhanced learning for students with disabilities by providing a management system for learning such as Universal Design for Learning by Cast, Kurzweil 3000 and Goalbook. These programs helps teachers and administrators monitor student progress on specific targeted areas of concern based on student needs.

    It is important for educational administrators to also be digital leaders and develop a “brand” that includes technology expectations for all of their students. “Global graduate with technology skills”! #DigitalLeadership #DigitalLearning

  3. Tamyra Natividad says:

    As more districts move to 1:1 technology integration, it is important to identify the expectation of what they want students to learn and include an accountability piece that ensures the technology is being used as intended.

  4. Cristina Bustamante says:

    # 5 really struck me. Often it is money that hold us back from being able to do our jobs. If we focus more on the students and our learning outcomes we can get to the learning quicker!

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