Ambassador of The Year 2015

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February 16th, 2016

We would like to announce and recognize our 20 Edmodo Ambassadors of the Year for 2015. Selections were made based on peer nominations and Teacher Leader Network challenges. Edmodo Ambassadors do so much from supporting and training teachers, translating text, testing new features, empowering new communities to hosting events.ambassadoroftheyear2015_blog

These particular teachers have led the way with their creativity and energy. You may recognize them from the community. They will receive an updated badge on their profile and forever bragging rights. Thank you for your contributions this year and beyond. You inspire us!


Ambassadors of the Year

The following 20 teachers wear many hats; however, they went above and beyond in the following categories:  


Cristin Miller  – Outstanding Product Champion & Tester

Carrie Snyder-Renfro  –  Outstanding Product Champion & Tester

Brenda Osborne Outstanding Product Champion & Tester

Karen FinklesteinSupport Community Leader

Stella Berdaxagar Support Community Leader

Gabriel AreasSupport Community Leader

José Ángel Morancho – Spanish Translations Leader

Teresa Perles – Spanish Translations Leader  

Lucia Bartolotti – Italian Translations Leader  

Sheryl Place – Social Media Guru

Vanita Vance – Social Media Guru

Dae Habalo – Social Media Guru

Billy KrakowerHighest-Ranked Trainer

Kate Baker Highest-Ranked Trainer

Matt MarinoEvent Leader

Linwood StarlingEvent Leader

Rory MorseEvent Leader

Pam Hubler Community Leader

Randy Fairfield Community Leader

Amy Kingsley – Sharing your Story


Interested in joining the Edmodo Teacher Leader Network and connecting with leaders like the ones you see here? Apply Today


13 responses to “Ambassador of The Year 2015”

  1. Brenda Osborne says:

    Thank you Edmodo for always pushing me to be the best teacher I can be!

  2. Brenda Osborne says:

    Congratulations to everyone!

  3. Thank for the recognition! I am honored! So grateful to Edmodo for providing a platform for me to differentiate, individualize, and personalize learning for my students!

  4. Lisa says:

    Congratulations to each of you! You have made wonderful contributions to the Edmodo Community!

  5. Kate Baker says:

    WOWZA! Thank you, Edmodo!
    I’m honored to be included with such an esteemed list of Edmodo Ambassadors!

  6. Noel Dietrich says:

    Congratulations to these amazing volunteers!

  7. Maria Antonietta Micieli says:

    I’m interested in joining the edmodo teacher leader network.,Thanks

  8. Leslie Leung says:

    Great to learn that we have lots of teacher actively sharing their knowledge and supporting others. Let’s give our big hand to all of them in respect to their contribution to our education.

  9. Maryam Hamad says:

    keep up the good work !!!!

  10. Melissa Kennedy says:

    I hope to see my name here next year! Congratulations everyone!

  11. Gloria Yakes says:

    Congratulations to all of these folks. I recognize many of their names which is testament to how often I see them helping others or offering suggestions on Edmodo. Kudos to all!

  12. mtouceda says:

    How wonderful to see a name I recognize. Congratulations Karen Finklestein!

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