Alternative Testing Formats Reveal Higher Math Comprehension in Girls

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April 18th, 2016

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At Edmodo, we are turning traditional quiz taking on it’s head. We recently created Edmodo Play, our student-facing quiz offering. The testing structure empowers students by giving them control of their learning outcomes through a flexible gamification format.

young girl typing on a laptopFor our first-foray into self-initiated quizzes, we provided middle school students with the opportunity to engage with grade-level aligned math problems. Students can test their knowledge of math principles and win badges for their Edmodo profile. The top performing students and their teachers are featured on Edmodo Play Leaderboard, which further motivates students to continue to participate in self-guided math preparation.

The untimed, self-guided format was completed by over one million students, and the results revealed that girls performed better than boys at all grade levels and difficulty level. Now, we’re faced with an intriguing question: have traditional standardized testing formats skewed perceptions and perpetuated the myth that boys are better at math than girls?

With Edmodo Play, we’re dedicated to championing the equal footing of comprehension and assessment for boys and girls of all ages. We have expanded Edmodo Play to not only offer additional math questions, but also science, english, history and daily trivias. We hope that Edmodo Play will be at the forefront of dispelling gender biases that are often associated with subject area performance in education, and we’re interested in pursuing this line of investigation. In the meantime, you’ll find us developing new and unique ways to measure student comprehension and surface the resources learners need to reach their full potential, regardless of what stereotypes say.

6 responses to “Alternative Testing Formats Reveal Higher Math Comprehension in Girls”

  1. Alicia Duarte says:

    How would I be able to see students’ results when using Edmodo Play? How do I assign specific questions?

  2. Brenda Price says:

    Very interesting! Is it a myth? What effect will Edmodo Play have on this?

  3. Ljiljana Lez-Drnjevic says:

    Interesting! Must try!

  4. Albo says:

    I need to edit a quiz that has been published, but without having to delete. how do I do?

  5. Micheal says:

    Can I assign these to my students or post it on their class wall?
    Can I see their progress?
    Is there any tutorial on how to use this?

  6. Lilis Nurul says:

    Very interesting! I have used Edmodo since 2014, but I still have Problem. Maybe you can help me how to upload picture or song to Edmodo? Thanks

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