EdmodoCon 2016: Register Today

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May 31st, 2016

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The end of the school year is fast approaching, and at Edmodo’s headquarters, that edmodocon16_reg_blog_thumbcan only mean one thing: EdmodoCon is on the horizon! As you plan your summer professional development, be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3, because EdmodoCon registration is officially open!

EdmodoCon is an annual, international webcast that brings together educators from around the world. Don’t miss this chance to make global connections, discover new resources, and hear real-world stories of success. Participating in EdmodoCon is completely free.

We’ve invited thirteen Edmodo experts to show you the best ways to elevate global learning on the first day. This year, we have also added a second day to the EdmodoCon schedule for our Spanish-speaking audience, with five additional speakers that will share their expertise.  Whether you tune in for the first time, or are a veteran attendee, the presentations you view can be applied across grade levels and subject areas.

For the complete event schedule, list of speakers, and panel descriptions, visit EdmodoCon.com today!

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  1. Sonia Aponte says:

    This is wonderful. Now I can tell my colleagues about this event so they can also be encouraged to participate. No excuse for not knowing English there is a Spanish participation for the Spanish speaking audience.

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