Road to Edmodocon 2016: Meet Speaker Stephanie Ward

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July 12th, 2016

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Throughout July, the Edmodo blog will feature EdmodoCon 2016 speakers. For our third installment, meet teacher Stephanie Ward. Stephanie used Edmodo to create a scalable project based learning model.  With learning styles and increased academic rigor in mind, she developed  project based approaches that assist with redesigning the role of the teacher. Be sure to register for EdmodoCon to catch Stephanie’s presentation. 

Briefly tell us about yourself. What’s your role and where do you work?  

A teacher creates a scalable project based learning model using Edmodo.

A teacher creates a scalable project based learning model using Edmodo.

I am a secondary English and Drama teacher and have been teaching since 2008 in Sydney and spent a year teaching in the

United Kingdom. I have spent the majority of my teaching time in a middle school which is part of Sydney Secondary College, a

school made up of two junior campuses and a Senior Campus. This year I moved to the senior Campus (Blackwattle Bay) where I am teaching HSC English for the first time. For the last two and half years I was responsible for developing and running The ACCORD Project which I will be talking about in my presentation.

How did you find Edmodo, and what inspired you to apply to be an EdmodoCon speaker?

My Head Teacher of English introduced me to Edmodo in 2010 and I have been using it with all my classes since. I enjoy having the opportunity to learn from others and also to share my experiences trying new pedagogies. I believe that EdmodoCon is a great opportunity to transcend the restrictions of place in order to share and learn with dynamic teachers who share similar ideologies.

Our back to school campaign will revolve thematically around explorers. What kind of explorers do you think your presentation will resonate with most and why?

The Mountain Climber – stepping into the world of project based learning required collaboration between teachers and students. All teachers and students bring different skill sets into the classroom and by combining these the learning outcomes are enhanced.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for teachers and administrators who are just getting started with edtech or blended learning tools?

I think teacher training is essential. Classroom teachers must feel confident in using the technology before they will embrace the use in their classrooms. Patience and scaffolding the introduction of edtech is important in ensuring its success. Technology is a tool that should support what teachers already do well.

What’s the one thing you hope your audience takes away from your EdmodoCon presentation?

That responsibility for learning is a joint venture between teachers and students. Student feedback and direction of their own learning is highly important and that as a teacher it is OK to feel out of your content comfort zone – students should be encouraged to take risks with learning and experience making mistakes. As teachers it is hard to allow students to flounder and fail but sometimes these are the most powerful learning opportunities.

13 responses to “Road to Edmodocon 2016: Meet Speaker Stephanie Ward”

  1. Marc Walls says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your comment that learning is a joint venture. What I had not ever thought to connect is the role that feedback plays in that joint venture. Yes, students are as responsible for their learning as we are, but it requires high quality, timely feedback as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tabassum Murtaza says:

    You are very right in saying that ‘teachers and students bring different skill sets into the classroom and by combining these the learning outcomes are enhanced’. It now depends on how skillful are the teachers to incorporate each skill. My question is how to incorporate project based learning in Lower and Upper Primary English language students? What topics can be dealt with students of this age group?

    • Stephanie Ward says:

      I think the best approach for any stage level and subject area is to take what you already teach and connect it to the real world through a conceptual driving question. How is what we learning relevent beyond the walls of the classroom? In what circumstances will we need these skills? Or give students a role eg: publisher, poet, playwright and get them to think about the learning through this lens.

      • Allison Timmins says:

        Hello Stephanie! I am a high school English teacher in Timmins, Ontario. I loved your very informative presentation on PBL. Where can I view your slides and how may I contact you on Twitter or email?

        Thank you!

  3. Gabriel S. Areas says:

    I am looking forward to your presentation in EdmodoCon.

  4. Emily O'Connell says:

    Can’t wait to listen to your address. The Accord project you developed is a window into how all learning should be run. Absolutely agree with you about technology being a tool that enhances what good teachers do already.

  5. sharmeen ali says:

    Send us URL link for joining the session.

  6. Eve Hyman says:

    Thank you for an engaging and inspiring presentation!


    Definitivamente que la tecnología es uno de los medios mas importantes para llevar a cabo el proceso enseñanza aprendizaje, para mi es un poco complicado pero suena muy interesante ya que hoy en día al alumno le interesa mucho la tecnología que los libros y por ello la falta de interés porque el docente no esta apto para usarla pero para mi es formidable aunque apenas estoy aprendiendo.


      muchas gracias por su invitación la verdad cada uno de los temas fueron de suma importancia porque te hacen ver el verdadero mundo en que vivimos y el futuro de nuestras nuevas generaciones.Felicito a los de Edmodo por tan valiosa conferencia.

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