Road to Edmodocon 2016: Michelle Tripp, Secondary ELA Coordinator

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July 19th, 2016

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Throughout July, the Edmodo blog will feature EdmodoCon 2016 speakers. For our fifth installment, meet Secondary ELA Coordinator Michelle Tripp, who’s district used Edmodo to adopt a new curriculum. Michelle and her colleagues participated in “Large Scale Decision Making on Edmodo” to identify the pedagogies that impact teaching and learning. Be sure to register for EdmodoCon to catch Michelle’s presentation. 

Briefly tell us about yourself. What’s your role and where do you work?

I am the Secondary ELA Coordinator for the Nampa School District. I work with 6th-12th grade teachers to increase student achievement, improve instruction, and make curriculum decisions such as what standards to teach and when, how to assess the standards effectively, and what curricular materials will support teaching and learning.

How did you find Edmodo, and what inspired you to apply to be an EdmodoCon speaker?

A district participated in "Large Scale Decision Making on Edmodo"  to identify the pedagogies that impact teaching and learning.

A district participated in “Large Scale Decision Making on Edmodo” to identify the pedagogies that impact teaching and learning.

I’ve used Edmodo for years as a classroom teacher, so when I transitioned to teacher leadership, it made sense to use a platform I knew was extremely effective. This last year, I used it in a way that had a powerful impact on our school district, and because of its success, I thought that others may be able to use it that way to. I applied to be an EdmodoCon speaker to share and learn from others, and to increase my conference presenting capacity.

Our back to school campaign will revolve thematically around explorers. What kind of explorers do you think your presentation will resonate with most and why?

The Voyagers–subject matter experts diving deep into high quality content. Content area experts collaborated using Edmodo to make research-based, data-driven decisions that would enhance their students’ achievement and experience in the classroom.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for teachers and administrators who are just getting started with edtech or blended learning tools?

Start simple, with low rigor tasks. Then, as competency increases, increase the rigor of the tasks. In this way, students, teachers, or whoever the user is learns how to use the blended learning tool in a scaffolded way and doesn’t feel overwhelmed and give up.

What’s the one thing you hope your audience takes away from your EdmodoCon presentation?

A vision of how Edmodo can facilitate a process of discovery and discussion outside of school-day time limits.

2 responses to “Road to Edmodocon 2016: Michelle Tripp, Secondary ELA Coordinator”

  1. Caryl Davis says:

    What suggestions do you have for introducing Edmodo to tech apprehensive faculty and staff?

    • Michelle Tripp says:

      Great question! One of the things that I love about Edmodo is that it’s just as easy as Facebook. Many teachers already have familiarity with Facebook-like social media, which helps with buy in once they’re on.

      For getting people on the first time, I sent out a link in advance to all teachers letting them know we’d be using this tool. Most teachers accessed it to create their account without difficultly, but for those that couldn’t, I went around to each individual and helped them get up and started.

      Then, during the first meeting, I projected our Edmodo page and we posted together then had a silent discussion centered around our inquiry question to practice. This allowed me to move around the room and help those who were still having trouble.

      After that, everyone could get access and they were able to use it well enough to participate.

      Hopefully, these ideas will help inspire your own ideas about how it could work for you!

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