Road to EdmodoCon 2016: Meet Speaker Rashenah Walker, Curriculum Coordinator

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July 21st, 2016

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Throughout July, the Edmodo blog will feature EdmodoCon 2016 speakers. For our sixth installment, meet Curriculum Coordinator Rashenah Walker, who uses  Edmodo to not only flip classrooms in her school, but to expand her professional learning community.  Rashenah  covers ways to make connections and use Edmodo Spotlight to “Develop a Professional Learning Environment.”  Be sure to register for EdmodoCon to catch Rashenah’s presentation. 

Briefly tell us about yourself. What’s your role and where do you work?

I work at a private school in Dubai, where I am the Curriculum Specialist.

How did you find Edmodo, and what inspired you to apply to be an EdmodoCon speaker?

A teacher covers ways make connections and use Edmodo Spotlight to "Develop a Professional Learning Environment."

A teacher covers ways make connections and use Edmodo Spotlight to “Develop a Professional Learning Environment.”

I joined Edmodo in 2010 and ever since I’ve been on I’ve tried to integrate it into my classes and my school. I began with Edmodo in Atlanta, GA and I’ve brought it with me to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and continue to promote it in professional development sessions I deliver all over the world. Edmodo has worked well in classrooms with students and with teachers with varying technology skills and in multiple languages. I also completed a year long case study with my students in Abu Dhabi with the assistance of Edmodo & won the GESS Award for Edmodo based on my research. From there I applied for EdmodoCon to help spread Edmodolove & how it can work for teachers to improve student skills.

Our back to school campaign will revolve thematically around explorers. What kind of explorers do you think your presentation will resonate with most and why?

My presentation will best fit The Moonwalker. As an administrator I’ve found it a little hypocritical to encourage teachers to use technology, interactive project-based lessons, less teacher talk time and more student centered environments when we provide professional development for teachers that is the exact opposite. Using Edmodo was a way for me to provide interactive project-based professional development for teachers that modeled the type of classroom environment they should create for their students. It also provided a way to assess teachers understanding, track their learning, and encourage discussion of best practices amongst professionals.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for teachers and administrators who are just getting started with edtech or blended learning tools?

The best advice I can give is to start small. Focus on one group of students and one particular skill you want to improve. For me it was finding an online platform to organize and distribute work to students without wasting paper and that could be accessed at any time. From there I begin to add more interactive activities such as flipped class in addition to focusing on skills that I wanted to increase in my students. It takes time but be consistent and even if it doesn’t turn out perfect the 1st time keep trying!

What’s the one thing you hope your audience takes away from your EdmodoCon presentation?

The ignite an interest in finding new ways to implement Edmodo school-wide. Not just with teachers in the classroom, but including administrators to develop professional learning communities that connect across the world.

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  1. Michelle Tripp says:

    I love the advice to start small. It can be overwhelming to facilitate such a huge implementation, but if we start one piece at a time, it becomes manageable.

    In your experience, what is the easiest thing for teachers to start with on Edmodo?

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