Road to EdmodoCon 2016: Meet Monique Dalli

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August 1st, 2016

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We are excited to welcome back Monique Dalli, former EdmodoCon speaker, to join us virtually as a discussion facilitator in the Topics during the second half of the day. She’ll be engaging with you while you watch and chat!

Briefly tell us about yourself–what’s your role? Where?

I live in Sydney, Australia – and work at Emmaus Catholic College (High School in Western Sydney). My role at Emmaus is the Director of Learning and Innovation – it is a technology integration role that allows me to work with teachers and students to look at ways of improving learning outcomes using BYOD, technologies and blended learning tools.8-1-16

How did you find Edmodo?

I started using Edmodo in late 2008 – after signing up, creating my first class group and testing it in my own classroom I felt that Edmodo was game changing in how students and teachers could work digitally. I felt such success in it’s implementation I made it a personal mission to get all staff using it, by the end of 2009 that was the case!

Fun Edmodo fact: in 2008 when signing up the salutations you could select from were: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr – at that time I felt the “Dr” was MOST appropriate, which is why my profile name has remained as Dr Dalli.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for teachers and/or administrators just getting started with edtech or blended learning tools?

There is a comfort or safety in using tried and true teaching methodologies and practices, sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is challenging at first. But don’t be fearful when using technologies like Edmodo for the first time, 66 million users can’t be wrong!

My advice is listen to the educators around you, learn from their sharing and take risks together as a supported professional learning community. Our goal is always to improve student learning, your learners needs are diverse and dynamic and that is how your teaching practice should be!

If you are an experienced tech-nerd then spread the word of success, be positive about technology integration and step up to support others in their professional learning journey. Create professional learning materials that can help others through their tech journey so that they feel the same success as you when using tech tools!

What inspired you to want to moderate the EdmodoCon backchannel?

When I saw the applications for EdmodoCon 2016 I got a little sentimental thinking back to the FIRST EdmodoCon held in 2011. I dug up the screenshot of the WebEx interface and I remembered the overwhelming feeling of the connected community Edmodo created for me during the first EdmodoCon. Watching the backchannel chat buzz with support, questions and offers for cross campus projects was such a highlight. I hope to create that same feeling for others in the backchannel at EdmodoCon 2016 so that each participant feels connected!

What do you love about EdmodoCon?

There were 11,000 participants in the first EdmodoCon in 2011.


It is my third time as an EdmodoCon presenter (2011, 2014, 2016) – each year it gets better . . . it is a FREE opportunity to learn from others and expand your PLN (professional learning network) beyond your school/district.

Some highlights over the years have been: Liz Castilo in 2011 talking about PBL and Jennifer Bond using it to improve writing and literacy, in 2012 Patrick Fogarty talking about 1:1 learning using Edmodo and Bianca Hewes using it for GBL, Nathan Garvin in 2014 for GBL writing programs and Robert Miller for feedback and assessment. It’s a star studded cast of educators isn’t it! – and it all happens online!

What do you hope participants get out of the backchannel discussion this year?

I hope that online participants are a part of a positive online community that is the secondary space of learning next to the live presenters!

If you a part of the backchannel, don’t be shy to ask a question, offer advice and connect directly with another educator – building your online PLN (professional learning network) is JUST as important as having supportive colleagues in real life around you!

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